'Blade Runner' Actress Charms Fans by Replicating Never-Filmed Snake Dance

Joanna Cassidy in ‘Blade Runner’/Image © Warner Bros
Joanna Cassidy in ‘Blade Runner’/Image © Warner Bros

Joanna Cassidy played Zhora -- one of the replicants -- in the Ridley Scott classic "Blade Runner," but one scene, in which she was supposed to perform a sensuous snake-dance, was never shot. Never fear, the actress (now sixty-seven) has righted the wrong by sharing a video that shows what might have been. Covered in gemstones and bedecked with a surly-looking reptile, Cassidy cranks the R. Kelly and really puts on a (SFW, I swear) show. Eccentric? Definitely. But you have got to admire someone so confidently kooky who's just as excited to have been in the film as we are to watch it.

In other news of the weird, a Qantas airline passenger was asked to change his shirt last week because it was making the other passengers nervous. What was the offending article? A tee-shirt featuring Mandy Patinkin's famous quote from "The Princess Bride": "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." No really, certain passengers didn't get the reference, and must have thought it was some sort of threat (I'm sure the foreign name didn't help). I guess he's lucky it was this quote and not something referencing iocane powder, or else he might still be in police custody.

Speaking of criminal suspects, how did J. J. Abrams manage to lock down both the "Star Trek" and the "Star Wars" franchises? Word on the street is that he's been tapped to direct the next installment of the Jedi saga, and as you might imagine, those who've worked hard (in some cases, their whole lives) to differentiate between the two realms of fandom are having a real meltdown over it. With good reason -- if this comes true, how long afterward before studios demand that the two worlds overlap in in some sort of "Freddy vs. Jason" sort of way?

If you think that's nuts, how about mashing "Star Trek" up with "Sex and the City"? Follow the racy Twitter stream TrekandtheCity and you'll get a steady dosage of SATC plot-lines that read as if they've been beamed in from the final frontier, like: "Needless to say, the Prime Directive wasn't the only thing Samantha violated that night." Soon to be a motion picture directed by J. J. Abrams!