Disney Releases 'Paperman' Animated Short to the Public

Paperman © 2012 - Disney. All Rights Reserved.
Paperman © 2012 - Disney. All Rights Reserved.

If you saw "Wreck-It Ralph" in an American theater, then you also saw "Paperman," the animated short that accompanied it. Now the Disney Animation Studio has released it to the public on their YouTube Channel (or scroll down to see it below), which means that if you were in another country or didn't feel like sitting through a kids' movie about video games, you can still enjoy this old-fashioned little romance.

I don't know if you're as excited about "RuPaul's Drag Race" as I am, but one new feature of the fifth season is that the "Untucked" segment (a separate show that recaps behind-the-scenes drama and bonus footage from the show) has adopted  a literary theme this time around, inviting comparison to classic titles such as Gone With the Weave or The Adventures of Tuckleberry Finn. If it's even more T you crave, then I recommend you follow Chris J. Kelly's show recaps as they land over at Queerty.

The good news: Will Smith and Jay-Z's remake of "Annie" has found a director and is set for 2014! The less good news: the film was originally intended as a vehicle for Willow Smith, but she's now too old to play the part. (Let's call this Willow's first tough lesson about how Hollywood works.) That means the search is on for an actress young and scrappy and talented enough to revive the public's interest in this now starless venture.

When I was young, I might clip newspaper articles about a movie I really liked. Teens these days have way more tools at their disposal: fans of "The Hunger Games" used Google Maps to find satellite photos of the film production -- specifically the Cornucopia part of the arena, where all the weapons await Katniss and the other tributes. I guess Suzanne Collins and Whitney Houston were both right, the children really are our future.