Gaze Into the Future: Early Concept Art for Distant Pixar Releases

Monster University Image courtesy of Pixar
Monster University Image courtesy of Pixar

Last month I mentioned a couple of the untitled projects currently in development at Pixar. Now we've got a tiny glimpse at some of the concept art for these movies, including the Día de los Muertos-inspired one. I doubt it's just a coincidence that they all seem to be Facebook cover-photo sized!

You think you were following along pretty closely during "Kill Bill"? All right, hotshot: What if Uma Thurman's character didn't actually "kill" Bill at the end? A Redditor has presented an alarmingly plausible theory to this effect, with screencaps to back it up. We may never get to find out for sure; director Quentin Tarantino stated recently that he is "probably not" going to get around to the sequel that fans have been slavering over since the first one wrapped up in 2004.

Fans (and haters) of Russell Brand probably equally appreciated his role as the hyper-obnoxious rock star Aldous Snow in 2008's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Audition tapes have been released that show the actor in the improv hot-seat, performing on the spot in hopes of winning the role. The producers must have been thrilled -- the character was revived for the nonsensical (and, in my opinion, underrated) "Get Him to the Greek" two years later.

After all these centuries, poetry still has the power to shock and stir up trouble. That's what a seventeen-year-old high school student is finding out after being threatened with expulsion over a poem she wrote reflecting on the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Her school administrators believe the work violates their "zero tolerance" policy toward threats and violent language (you can read it and judge for yourself if you follow the link). It sounds to this layperson like she has a strong case for the protection of her First Amendment rights. Isn't this why we teach poetry to young people, so that they have a constructive way of exploring difficult feelings?