Mulling the Most Essential Sex Scenes to Any Fifty Shades of Grey Adaptation

The producers of the Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation have mastered the sadistic art of the tease. In the ten months since the project was first announced, the filmmakers have withheld any and all concrete details about their plans for the project or the creative team they’re in the process of assembling. In fact, ever since screenwriter Kelly Marcel was hired to write the screenplay, the flow of information has stopped completely, leaving fans in a state of hot and bothered speculation about who will play crucial roles behind and in front of the camera. Talk about all build-up and no release.

Yesterday, however, Marcel cracked open the door to the dungeon and offered a tantalizing peek at some crucial creative decisions she's faced in bringing Fifty Shades of Grey to the screen. In a recent conversation with Britain’s Style magazine, she revealed that there is nothing vanilla about the film she’s writing. “There is going to be a lot of sex in the film,” she said. “It will be NC-17. It’s going to be raunchy.”

She’s not exactly exposing any state secrets here, considering that a truly faithful adaptation of source material could easily be slapped (hard) with an X rating. But she did offer some unexpected insights into her take on E.L. James’ novel about a dangerous liaison between a twenty-two-year-old introverted innocent and a kinked-out twenty-eight-year-old billionaire. For Marcel, the sex is merely a Trojan horse smuggling an epic romance. “I don’t care what anybody says,” she insisted, “there is something about Christian that is old-fashioned and romantic.”

However, let’s face it, it’s hard to think about Fifty Shades of Grey without sex on the brain. As a result, the filmmakers charged with translating the book to the screen have had to face some tough decisions about which erotic escapades to include in the film. “We did go through and decide which [sex scenes] are our favorites,” Marcel admitted. “Most of them are in there but I can’t say more than that.”

Marcel actually said just enough to fuel debate among hardcore Fifty devotees about which steamy vignettes are most essential to retaining the spirit of the book. We’ll get the conversation started here by nominating three sex scenes that absolutely must make the cut. Let fly with your own suggestions in the space below.

  1. Ana’s multi-orgasmic sexual awakening (p. 195).
  2. Ana’s introduction to the painful pleasures of spanking (p. 273)
  3. Ana’s initiation into sex with hard core hardware (p. 323)
  • Amy

    The scene in the car

    • http://Facebook Alicia X

      That would be book 3 😉

  • Amanda Dub Dub

    I dont care what happens! as long as Ian Somerhalder is the Christian Grey!!!!! 😀

    • Morena

      I agree with you Amanda.. Ian should be Mr. Grey.

    • Samantha

      I absolutely agree!! It has to be Ian Somerhalder... I've said this since day one!! lol

      • Tulip

        Ian Somerhaulder is Christian Grey!

        • Amanda jane

          Ian Somerhalder. .....absolutely absolutely absolutely yes yes and yes

    • Victoria

      Matt Bomer<3 has to be Christian Grey

  • mary henderson

    When they were on the bathroom floor and she was on her period.
    Also when he carried her into his Mom and Dad's boat house.

    • venessa barcellano

      I really want the magical scenes that happen to christian and ana while their having sex, those scenes were the reasons why they fall in love in each other...The sex scenes where they appreciated each other so much not just about the lust but about the need that they felt in each other.

      • Cynister

        I agree with you 100% ...thats what did it for me

  • Tara

    Definitly Ana's introducton to the painful pleasures of spanking (p.273) Why? This is were you finally see the true Christian. They are all great, but this is one of my favorites.

  • Lynn–Bronze Goddess

    The Thomas Tallis Experience....definitely!

    • Penny

      I agree Thomas Tallis experience for sure. The first time should definitely be included.

  • Brianna

    The bath tuth scene! It has to he in there! But the other suggestions are right in as well!

  • Regina griffin

    the shower scene and the car scene

  • Lily

    Definitely the car and both of the elevator scenes. Also, when they got back together in the dark alley. And for the love of God just pick Henry Cavill and get it over with, the man is Christian Grey hands down!

    • Susan

      Definitely the kiss in the alley (thought that's not a full on sex scene) and the one where she's tied up and sitting on the table in the playroom. But I completely agree, just tell us it's Henry Cavill already!!

    • Sarie

      I totally agree, the film must have Henry Cavill as Christian, hot hot hot!

      • lydia

        I don't care as long as Henry Cavill is Christian Grey. My god that man is beautiful...

        • Cynister

          Oh yes for sure he so totally is, but what about Matt Bomer, he also has that boyish desperation, he does very well....

      • Tulip

        He's way too beefy...looks like he's been on steroids! Lol

  • Odessa

    The elevator scene when the actually make out in it.

  • steph

    Wen she loses her virginity!......this is a must!...this is wen it all starts!

  • Heather

    When she looses her virginity since that's where it starts, both elevator scenes, the boat house, and the first play room experience. all of these are most remembered.

  • Bebe

    It's hard to think that ANY scene could be left out... when I read or listen to these books, I can already see the scenes played out in my mind... why not make a movie a book? This way you don't have to leave ANYTHING out? Just my two cents ♥

    • jstavene

      I totally concur,,, the books are delicious indulgence,,and best taken slowly,, hahaha I want as much detail,,as close to the the books as possible,,

  • AGrey50

    When Ana loses her virginity, bathtub scene, Ana's first cunnilingus, the elevator and car scenes! :)

  • http://facebook katelyn jacobsen

    they need to put in when she losses virginity for sure and when he kisses her in the elevator. and when she tells him she's having a baby!!!!!

  • tp

    Leave nothing out!!! It's all curcial

    • grsummer

      all of it!!!! plz plz plz every scene is sweet romantic and important. if theres any scene will be really disappointing..there must be reasons why they are all there in the books. please-

  • ana

    The boat, pool table and the night of the spreader bar. it's all hot though

  • http://Yahoo Nicky

    The blindfold scene where she listens to music while he makes love to her! Intense haha

    • jan

      I agree

  • jan

    all of it !!!!

  • Julie

    Hopefully every one will be included, but definitely the loss of virginity and first BJ the following morning; the elevator scenes at The Hearhman, Escala and Christian's club; in the R8; on The Grace; the tampon removal in Savannah; the wine and ice cream feedings at Ana's apts.; the pool table; in Christian's childhood room; all playroom scenes; with the silver balls; etc., etc.! Please closely follow the books

  • Suzen

    After reading the three books I can't get two actors out of my head for these roles. Arrows Stephen Amell as Christian and Katie Cassidy as Ana. They fit the descriptions to a T.

  • Lenore

    1. The Seattle Key Chain
    2. Christian's Childhood bedroom
    3. The Grace

    These are my favorite because they show Christian's sweet side.

  • Michelle

    First time using handcuffs and so we can see how Grey cares about her marks on wrist and ankles! For me~That's love!

  • Karina

    you must do everything in the book, otherwise it wont be the same it wont have the same effect .. everything they do in the book is what makes it

    • somanywards

      Agreed - meaning will be lost of they stray too far from original work*

  • Drea

    When she lost her v card, of course... When he showed up at her apartment after she emailed it was nice knowing him, and sex in bathroom.

  • http://Facebook Pam

    In Christian's childhood bedroom with their masks and her stilettos on. And Stephen Amell must be Christian Grey

    • Julie

      Stephen Amell would be absolutely perfect as Christian! He is tall, incredibly handsome, masculine, sexy, intense, has a panty-busting smile, is lean yet muscular and is 31 so close in age. Others often mentioned are too old, too short, or too average looking for this role.

  • http://Facebook Pam

    Also the when they were elevator after Christian's club. It wasn't intercourse but it was pretty hot and the first time they had sex in the elevator on the way to his apartment.

  • Suzette

    the pool table scene! and for the romantics in the audience the ice cream scene :)

  • tina

    The first time and I loved everything else that follows so go forth and get us ladies one awesome movie going!!!! Jessie Pavelka is the one and only Christian so lets do this !!!Can't wait i'm sooooo excited!!!!

  • mj

    The first time at her place

  • http://facebook Alison

    i think it is all needs to be in the movie but people saying the car scene its in the second book, but yes it all needs to be in don't leave anything out

    • http://facebook tim

      thats right

  • normajean

    1. Elevator
    2. Alley
    3. Pool table

  • Laetitia

    must keep all the scenes, if not the film will not be up to the Book! even if we see 3 2 film. must every every everything ...

  • Sarah

    Any scene as long as Matt Bomer is the leading Christian Grey! He's the best man for it. He's got the look that no other man has.

  • Roula

    I think that you should include as much as you can, as long as they don't distort the original meaning of the book.

  • http://Facebook Paula

    I don't care about fave sex scene as long as
    It's Ian Somerholder and Ashley Green
    Playing christian and Anna

  • Tina

    The elevator when he first kisses her

  • linda

    I would ideally like the movie to be exactly like the books, 3 movies so you don't leave anything out. who ever u pick for christian and Ana has to be the right fit else its going to ruin the movie for me.. I love Ian Somerhalder he's steamy,smoldering,dark and has the body to die for....

  • elsie

    Wow...nobody mentioned the IPOD/Blindfold scene where she had to surrender her senses....OMG

    • Jo Jo

      exactly- I was wondering when someone would mention the ipod scene! OMG!

    • Patricia R.

      OH...and PLEEEEEEEASE cast Ian Somerhalder OR Matt Bomer as "Christian". Either of them would TOTALLY suck me into the movie. I see that those two got LOTS of votes on here. ;D

  • Gina Holbrook

    When they are on their honeymoon and he cuffs her ankles to her wrists! HOT!!!

  • Patricia R.

    The sex scenes that I think would be interesting to see is when Christian instructs Ana while she is on the couch, to touch herself while he stands back and just watches her. She starts at her neck and moves slowly down to her "sex" as Ana called it. 😀 And definitely the butt plug scene when he told her that the plug she picked out was too big and so he started using his fingers to penetrate her anal area gently. All the other sensual/emotional sex scenes should take priority over these two I mentioned of course....I was just thinking that they would be more "DIFFERENT" than the other typical sex scenes. Whatever is chosen, I am pretty sure this film will be a very good, hot, steamy, emotional, crazy and funny. CAN"T WAIT!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOO! LOL! 😉

  • Patricia R.

    The.... Metal Balls. That would be fun scene to see in the movie. She had a rough time with those things at their dinner remember. They got her really hot and bothered. And CANT WAIT to see Ana throw her drink in Elena's ( AKA:Bitch Troll) face at Christian's parents house. SORRY GUYS, I know that has nothing to do with sex. Just thought it would be fun/hilarious to see, and I am WAAAY EXCITED for this/or these movie(s)!!!

  • Claudia C.

    Okay, we need to take it a step at a time, so first on the list... "FIFTY SHADES OF GREY". Essential scenes:
    1) Ana loses her virginity
    2) She gets her first spanking
    3) Thomas Tallis

    I really hope the part of Christian Grey goes to Matt Bomer. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! I'll settle for Henry Cavill if that doesn't work out. As for Anastasia? Maybe Elizabeth Olsen or Emmy Rossum (have you seen that girl in "SHAMELESS"?)

  • sameer

    MATT BOMER is perfect chriatian grey..

  • sameer

    wat i m thinking is!!
    wil the three buk b summerize in d whole movie or the movie will b made in three parts..
    plz there shud b three parts of d for each dat excitemnt didnt go out!!

  • BMesquite

    I'd love to see them all in there, from all 3 books, but I don't see that happening. I am sooo concerned that this and any other movies done will not do the books justice. I will anxiously await to see, but if the right people are not casted to play Ana & Christian, I think it will bomb. The books are so descriptive, they really have to be followed thoroughly for the movie to be accepted by 50 Shades fans - scenes, script and casting.