Mulling the Most Essential Sex Scenes to Any Fifty Shades of Grey Adaptation

The producers of the Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation have mastered the sadistic art of the tease. In the ten months since the project was first announced, the filmmakers have withheld any and all concrete details about their plans for the project or the creative team they’re in the process of assembling. In fact, ever since screenwriter Kelly Marcel was hired to write the screenplay, the flow of information has stopped completely, leaving fans in a state of hot and bothered speculation about who will play crucial roles behind and in front of the camera. Talk about all build-up and no release.

Yesterday, however, Marcel cracked open the door to the dungeon and offered a tantalizing peek at some crucial creative decisions she's faced in bringing Fifty Shades of Grey to the screen. In a recent conversation with Britain’s Style magazine, she revealed that there is nothing vanilla about the film she’s writing. “There is going to be a lot of sex in the film,” she said. “It will be NC-17. It’s going to be raunchy.”

She’s not exactly exposing any state secrets here, considering that a truly faithful adaptation of source material could easily be slapped (hard) with an X rating. But she did offer some unexpected insights into her take on E.L. James’ novel about a dangerous liaison between a twenty-two-year-old introverted innocent and a kinked-out twenty-eight-year-old billionaire. For Marcel, the sex is merely a Trojan horse smuggling an epic romance. “I don’t care what anybody says,” she insisted, “there is something about Christian that is old-fashioned and romantic.”

However, let’s face it, it’s hard to think about Fifty Shades of Grey without sex on the brain. As a result, the filmmakers charged with translating the book to the screen have had to face some tough decisions about which erotic escapades to include in the film. “We did go through and decide which [sex scenes] are our favorites,” Marcel admitted. “Most of them are in there but I can’t say more than that.”

Marcel actually said just enough to fuel debate among hardcore Fifty devotees about which steamy vignettes are most essential to retaining the spirit of the book. We’ll get the conversation started here by nominating three sex scenes that absolutely must make the cut. Let fly with your own suggestions in the space below.

  1. Ana’s multi-orgasmic sexual awakening (p. 195).
  2. Ana’s introduction to the painful pleasures of spanking (p. 273)
  3. Ana’s initiation into sex with hard core hardware (p. 323)