Mama Drama: Naomi Watts and Robin Wright Swap Sons in Steamy 'Two Mothers' Trailer

Robin Wright and Naomi Watts in Two Mothers ©  Ciné@
Robin Wright and Naomi Watts in Two Mothers © Ciné@

I love nothing more than when sordid soap opera material is elevated to high art by a brilliant cast and production team, which is why I'm prepared to flip for "Perfect Mothers" (or "Two Mothers" as it is called on IMDB). The film stars Robin Wright and Naomi Watts as best friends who wind up pairing off with each other's teenaged sons.  Scroll down to the end of this article to watch the risqué trailer!

Surprise! Peter Dinklage will be among the unexpected new facets of the new "X-Men" movie. There's no official word on who he'll be playing, but this article hints that "Puck" is the role. Others suggest he will be the main antagonist. With the new "Game of Thrones" season also tantalizingly close, I think it's fair to determine that 2013 is the Year of Dinklage.

The debate over Orson Scott Card's tenure as a writer of Superman comics rages on. MetaFilter's got a great recap of the kerfuffle, and the ensuing discussion's pretty interesting too (Roald Dahl was namechecked as an example of a writer whose writing managed to remain fairly uncorrupted by his unpleasant personal views). Meanwhile, certain comic stores are beginning to opt out of selling the printed edition when it becomes available, and a petition urging DC to oust Card has been gaining about a thousand people a day. Here's hoping that a resolution of some kind will be coming soon!

I almost hate to bring it up, but... how was your Valentine's Day? On the off-chance that it wasn't great, perhaps you'll be able to laugh at (or at least commiserate with) this video rounding up some of cinema's most disturbing smooches. Some of these are hilarious to recall, but some are genuinely disturbing (thanks a lot, "Nekromantic"). At least the Luke/Leia kiss at the end seemed like a nice palate-cleanser. And on that note, here's that "Perfect Mother" trailer: