Christian Bale Will Play Moses For Ridley Scott's 'Exodus'

Christian Bale/Photo © Cinemafestival/Shutterstock
Christian Bale/Photo © Cinemafestival/Shutterstock

Is Christian Bale this generation's Charlton Heston? The actor has just agreed to play Moses in Ridley Scott's "Exodus," and now that we think about it, there's something rather Hestonian about his portrayal of Batman. Let's just say that if Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham City with two enormous stone tablets etched with laws for his people, it wouldn't be far out of character.

If you're an aspiring writer who'd like to become the next Joss Whedon, the original Joss Whedon has provided a handy guide. Here are his top ten writing tips, with illuminating details about his background career as a script doctor for other people's movies. According to Whedon, "Anything can be good. Even 'Last Action Hero' could’ve been good. There’s an idea somewhere in almost any movie." Of course it especially helps if you're ... Joss Whedon.

Speaking of action heroes, Thumbs and Ammo is an entire blog comprised of movie posters with the guns taken out, so that the star is left giving a very intense thumbs-up gesture instead. Double thumbs up for restyling that Estelle Getty film as "Stop or My Mom Will Be Encouraging."

This week in remakes and sequel, we've already learned that "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" has been granted another installment, having finally cleared the $200 million box office rubicon. Meanwhile, John Carpenter's "Escape From New York" is going to be remade, despite several unsuccessful attempts in the recent past. As the AV Club sagely points out, besides the basic premise of “a bad-ass in an eye-patch," they don't really have much to go on.