Learning Curve: 'Admission' Novelist Admits She Hyperventilated When She First Read the Screenplay

Tina Fey in 'Admission'/Still © Focus Features
Tina Fey in 'Admission'/Still © Focus Features

Admission author Jean Hanff Korelitz admitted recently that her first glimpse of the new Tina Fey movie based on her book was a "Smelling-Salts Moment." As she points out, a major plot point that was revealed on page 318 of her book is addressed in the screenplay practically right away. However, she grew to trust screenwriter Kate Croner, and the two describe how the difficult process of adapting this movie resulted in a friendship budding between them. Unfortunately the film itself took quite a drubbing at the box office this weekend, so it's probably handy to have an extra friend to lean on right about now.

We gasped and cried last week when Ryan Gosling decided to take a break from the spotlight. How could he? But then again, I can see how the kind of surveillance and objectification Ryan is subjected to regularly could sour someone on an acting career. Never missing a beat, Buzzfeed has come up with "Things Ryan Gosling Should Do During His Break From Movies." All good ideas.

It has come to my attention via a blizzard of Facebook posts that Tilda Swinton will occasionally be sleeping in a box at New York's Museum of Modern Art. But before you buy your plane tickets, keep in mind that she only plans to be there about a half dozen times over the course of 2013. The artistic concept isn't particularly revolutionary, but the idea of seeing Swinton up close and confined like a zoo animal is nevertheless somehow still quite appealing. Remember: no tapping on the glass, and please do not feed the Tilda.

Our pals over at Suvudu have been busy -- their annual Cage Match series presents combat scenarios featuring fictional characters who might not otherwise cross paths. This year's theme is classic literature, which means we've seen skirmishes between folks like Dracula, Tarzan, Gandalf, and Captain Hook. In the most recent entry (written by yours truly), Smaug the dragon takes on the gorgon Medusa. If only we could see that movie.