Repent! The Nicolas Cage 'Left Behind' Reboot Is Nigh

Nicolas Cage/Photo © CinemaFestival/Shutterstock
Nicolas Cage/Photo © CinemaFestival/Shutterstock

The Christian book series Left Behind was adapted into a film starring Kirk Cameron in 2001, but it appears that somebody up there believes they can do better. A reboot starring Nicolas Cage is in the works, and it's at least far enough along that an official poster has been released. According to the article, most of the first book's storyline has been "left behind" as well: The film will focus mainly on the Rapture itself and the events leading up to it.

Remember how "The Princess Bride" began with Fred Savage's grandfather reading him a story? Sci-fi site io9's got a video theorizing how it would go if he'd decided to read the boy A Game of Thrones instead. Something tells me Grandpa's not going to be allowed to babysit anymore.

When it comes to movie-inspired home decor, it's time to think beyond posters. How about this vinyl wall decal inspired by "Nosferatu"? Or a cabinet that's built to re-create the screen distortion of a paused VHS tape? That latter is just a rendering, but the real thing will be on display soon at an Italian art show.

Which franchise was scarier, "Alien" or "Halloween"? A clip retrieved from the annals of the internet features Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis debating this very issue. What's funny is that each of them politely explains why the other's movie is superior. I guess when it comes to who's classiest, it's a tie.