Your Next 'Hunger Games'? Columbia Pictures Acquires the Rights to Seeker

Arwen Elys Dayton had a great week. After Delacorte Press picked up her Young Adult trilogy, Columbia Pictures swooped in to acquire the film rights. Seeker is the first book in the trilogy and marks the first YA release for Dayton. The book tells the story of Quin Kincaid, a young girl who, after training for what she thought was to become a ‘Seeker,’ finds out that her knowledge and skills have led her to become an assassin. The adventure begins when Quin tries to escape her destiny only to end up attacking it head on.

Seeker is slated for publication in 2015. Rational thought would lead us to believe that the earliest a film would be released would be a year later but even that seems a bit sudden. Every studio is looking for that next big book-to-film trilogy and Seeker has the potential to grow beyond its YA label considering it’s already drawing comparisons to “Game of Thrones” and “Hunger Games.” The Mark Gordon Company will produce the adaptation.

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