Margaret Thatcher’s Life Revealed in New Biography, David Axelrod Tells His Story, and More

When British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died on April 8, among the many strong reactions to the news was Penguin Books' decision to have her forthcoming biography hit bookshelves -- albeit likely for a split second before being snatched up -- after her funeral on Wednesday. Not for Turning will be the first installment in former Telegraph Editor Charles Moore's multi-volume look at the Iron Lady's life -- he promises his years of unique access to her family, friends, and documents have made for a well rounded look at a political figure as despised as she was loved. [via The Guardian]

The First Chinese American, the biography of Wong Chin Foo -- nineteenth-century coiner of the term "Chinese-American," early campaigner for racial equality, and founder of a newspaper dedicated to the cause -- will make for lively reading when it arrives in bookstore next month. His biographer Scott D. Seligman reintroduces us to one of the most colorful figures in recent U.S. history, giving full attention to Foo's standing before Congress to battle laws that denied citizenship to Chinese immigrants, his outspoken appeals to fellow Americans to extend their principles of equality to their Chinese neighbors, and to his claim to being the first Confucian missionary to the United States. [via The Jakarta Globe]

President Obama's chief strategist, David Axelrod, has signed on with Penguin Press to write a memoir, due out next fall. While we shouldn't expect expect much White House gossip -- Mr. Axelrod plans to write about his own career, from his days as a Chicago journalist, to his political work with figures like North Carolina senator John Edwards and Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich -- his close relationship with the president merited a reportedly near $1.5 million agreement. [via The New York Times]

U.S. pop and surf rock masters The Beach Boys owe their existence to founder and chief songwriter Brain Wilson, whose musical genius has been noted from the days of his band's seminal album, Pet Sounds, to his later solo work. His forthcoming memoir -- to be published with Perseus Books in fall 2015 -- will detail his work, his struggles with mental health and and drug addiction, and the influential music he made -- songs that have been lauded by musicians from Paul McCartney to Questlove. [via Bookseller]