New Album by The Knife Pays Post-Apocalyptic Tribute to Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood/Photo © George Whiteside
Margaret Atwood/Photo © George Whiteside

A shout-out to Margaret Atwood has shown up in an odd place: the new album by Swedish electronic music duo The Knife, which has been racking up rave reviews (and some blank stares), has a track named for each of the titular characters from Oryx and Crake. The album's title, "Shaking the Habitual" refers to a quote by Michel Foucault, so literary associations abound. You can preview the album on Slate, where they're streaming the entire thing for free. Stick with it, I've found it rewards patient listening!

David Sedaris would like the world to stop giving him owl-related paraphernalia, and he's letting us know in the most practical possible way: by writing an essay for The Guardian. He also has some great stories about the time he tried to procure an actual stuffed owl for his partner as a gift, which is not for the faint of heart or those who have an irrational fear of being mummified.

ABC is launching the network premiere of "Batman Begins," but they're having a hard time figuring out how to present the film in a light that matches its family-friendly image. Observe the following promo, in which Batman “fights for family and lives for love." Uh, remember how he has no family, and can't maintain a relationship because of his super-heroing?

Remember back in February when I posted "Super Mario Busters," an animated tribute to the "Ghostbusters" film starring Nintendo's most famous heroes? Well the inevitable sequel has arrived, broadly infusing the events of "Ghostbusters 2" with the same nostalgically catchy music and sound effects. Enjoy!