NYC Pays Tribute to Female Stalkers of the Silver Screen

There's nothing better than a dated, campy, unintentionally sexist stalker movie to make your night in front of the TV (or iPhone, or whatever you're watching movies on these days) feel really special. Fangoria posted a tremendous article (featuring a Q&A with yours truly) about an NYC event this Friday paying tribute to classic lady stalker films via clips, burlesque, and expert testimony. Wanna see how well "The Crush" has aged? Now's your best chance.

The long-awaited "Finding Nemo" sequel has finally revealed itself to be "Finding Dory" instead. You remember Dory, right? She's the blue fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres who's responsible for your more childish friends' annoying whale-song impressions and chants of  "Just keep swimming." It's a safe bet that each of these catchphrases will recur at least once during the new film, which is scheduled for 2015.

Baz Luhrmann's "Gatsby" is becoming one of those movies that is more fun to anticipate than it could possibly ever be to watch. The latest news is that Beyonce and Andre 3000 will cover Amy Winehouse for the soundtrack. Can it all possibly live up to the hype? I re-watched "Moulin Rouge" last week, and all I can say is: this director might be a long, lost Ringling Brother.

We reported recently on a "Star Wars" LEGO play set that was getting heat from the Muslim community, who claimed it too closely resembled a famous mosque. Now the play set in question has been discontinued, though the company claims the backlash had nothing to do with their decision -- it's just part of the natural life cycle of their niche products. In the end it was all worthwhile to see LEGO's brilliant non-apology,  which expresses regrets that "the product has caused the members of the Turkish cultural community to interpret it wrongly." That's gotta burn!