Tom Cruise Will Continue His Alien Obsession in 'Yukikaze'

Tom Cruise/Photo © Featureflash/Shutterstock
Tom Cruise/Photo © Featureflash/Shutterstock

This week Tom Cruise proved that he just can't stop thinking about aliens, announcing that he'll be the star of "Yukikaze," already a novel and anime series in Japan. His character will be fending off an alien horde, just like all his characters in other upcoming movies such as "Oblivion" and "All You Need Is Kill." It's not an addiction though -- he can quit fighting aliens whenever he wants to. He just needs this one last fix, and then it's cold turkey!

Maybe it's because Django is arriving on Blu-ray and DVD this week, but I couldn't help recalling how much Tarantino leaned on a certain word in the script: the W-word. Screen Junkies has assembled a supercut of all the characters' utterances of the word "white." Remember though, some of those instances are referring to cake. They do hasten to point out that the grand total (23) pales in comparison to the script's use of the N-word (110). I'm in the camp that found the latter to be unfortunately apt given the setting and time period, but arguing about that is so 2012.

Jamie Foxx himself has moved on to other colors entirely: Glimpses of the actor in blue makeup are trickling across the internet. No, he's not a guest star in the "Arrested Development" movie -- he's actually playing Electro in the sequel to "The Amazing Spider-Man." The purist in me questions the color choice, but my fashion-forward side has nothing but distaste for the original Electro's costume, and it would be a faux-pas to feature two green villains in a row.

But instead of looking forward, let's take a look back to the time when The Beatles performed a bit from A Midsummer Night's Dream for a one-night-only TV special. It's hard to imagine One Direction attempting anything so sophisticated. And I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but John Lennon makes a hell of a Thisbe. Watch below.