Former Child Actress Mara Wilson on the Hazards of Being Young in Hollywood

Mara Wilson in Matilda/Photo © 1996 TriStar Pictures
Mara Wilson in Matilda/Photo © 1996 TriStar Pictures

In light of the recent Amanda Bynes meltdown, this article by former child actress Mara Wilson (star of "Mrs. Doubtfire" and "Matida") feels downright therapeutic. The perils of child stardom are generally well-acknowledged, but most of these kids don't implode till early adulthood when public concern has been eclipsed by moral judgment and morbid fascination. Wilson offers sharp insights into this delayed detonation, laced with some of her own hair-raising stories. (If you enjoyed that, her blog is a must-follow.)

In not unrelated news, a bewildering new interview with Will and Jaden Smith shows just how many degrees of separation from reality can occur when one young artist grows up and spawns another. Will Jaden really be legally emancipated from his parents at the age of fifteen, as he has requested? Some day one hell of a movie will be written about all this -- probably by further descendants of the Smith colony.

I've heard almost nothing but derision for "The Maybe," Tilda Swinton's recurring live exhibit at NYC's Museum of Modern Art. Film blogger Glenn Dunks has a different perspective, and it's frankly refreshing to read an opinion by someone who's actually seen Swinton in her little box, and who has more than a knee-jerk response to share. Between this and a recent screening of "Moonrise Kingdom," I'm oddly more motivated to see this for myself now.

Are you one of those softies who hates to see a movie if animals appear to be in jeopardy? (Full disclosure: I was in agony during certain scenes in "War Horse.") A website called Does The Dog Die? provides an index of movies with gentle spoilers to let you know how all the non-human characters fare. I'm sure the new Grumpy Cat film (yes, that's going to be a thing) will test the site's limits. If a cat looks perpetually miserable, how can you properly estimate its comfort levels? I guess we'll have to settle for knowing whether Grumpy Cat survives till the end.