Martin Short: Not Much of a Reader, Now a Writer

Martin Short/Photo © Helga Esteb/Shutterstock
Martin Short/Photo © Helga Esteb/Shutterstock

Martin Short just sold his memoir to Harper, so I guess we should all start coming up with  titles involving "short" jokes in case they have a contest to crowdsource it. How about something very simple and obvious like Short Stories. What do I win? Short's own suggestion goes in a different direction entirely: If I’d Saved, I Wouldn’t Be Writing This.

After many months of anticipation, we finally get a glimpse of what's in James Franco's head when he thinks of William Faulkner. The trailer for "As I Lay Dying" plays its cards close to its chest in terms of setting up the story, but it promises that all the elements are in place for a gritty Southern gothic family drama. Naturally I'm over the moon about seeing Beth Grant in a central role, even if she's dead for most of the movie. (That's not a spoiler, the premise of the movie is the struggle of a family to honor its matriarch's funeral wishes.) Scroll down to watch the trailer!

Another of my fondest wishes and/or worst nightmares is also coming true: There will be another "Gremlins" movie. Unfortunately it's a remake and not a second sequel, but it's written by the fellow who adapted "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," so maybe there will be some wit to it? I'm mainly looking forward to seeing those Mogwai and Gremlin toys invading every surface once more.

Whenever a film is booed at Cannes, the press always run with it. Looking back, what's the enduring legacy of those notorious films? According to The Wall Street Journal's compilation of nine prominent examples, most quickly faded from memory. Boy did they get it wrong with "Taxi Driver," though! I loved the bit of trivia about Tennessee Williams presiding over the awards ceremony (Williams was not a fan of the film).