Lily Tomlin May Wed Jane Wagner, Her Partner of 42 Years

Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner/Photo via LilyToml

Oscar-nominated actress Lily Tomlin ("Nashville") has continued to work and break artistic ground well into her seventies, but her latest project is more personal: She's announced her intention to legally marry her partner of more than four decades, author and artist Jane Wagner. Expect the two women to bring their flair for the theatrical to the altar: "Maybe we'll be dressed like chickens," says Tomlin.

Meanwhile YouTube star Lucas Cruikshank, whose home videos catapulted him into multiple "Fred" movies and Nickelodeon series, came out of the closet during a YouTube video (of course) devoted to answering fans' questions. After so many other actors' belabored PR-savvy announcements, it's refreshing to see someone deal with the matter so matter-of-factly. Scroll down to watch!

According to internet experts with interesting priorities, Rory Gilmore was seen reading 339 books on screen over the course of seven seasons of "Gilmore Girls." This is your chance to scan the titles and see whether you're as well-read as a fictional teenager. I'd be really interested in her take on Flowers for Algernon ... I guess I'll have to go check out the episode.

Oh, and that item yesterday about the mysterious new J.J. Abrams trailer? It looks like it's probably, of all things, a book trailer. Which is kind of a let-down, because it looked like a pretty scary movie (or show, or whatever), and I don't trust a book -- which is a sort of novel containing "20 to 22 pieces of ephemera in the ‘real world’" -- to come even close to scratching that itch.