Marion Cotillard Replaces Natalie Portman in 'Macbeth'

Marion Cotillard, Natalie Portman/Photos © Featureflash, Helga Esteb/Shutterstock

I was never crazy about the idea of Natalie Portman playing opposite Michael Fassbender in the new "Macbeth" film, but on the heels of "Black Swan" I was interested to see what the performance might bring out in her. Alas, we shall never know, for she has been unceremoniously replaced by Marion Cotillard -- a much more natural fit, but I feel strangely bereft. As Barbara Hershey once memorably implored, "What happened to my sweet girl?"

Speaking of legendary ladies, don't think for a second that my personal crusade to bring Elsa Lanchester's scandalous autobiography back into print (announced here back in January) has flagged. A new article over at The Backlot explains why Lanchester, most famous as "The Bride of Frankenstein," deserves to have her strange tale imported to twenty-first-century readers. This week only you can enter to win a free copy of her book, and other prizes -- all the details are on the campaign's official website.

Meanwhile, back in the land of the living, Fox Searchlight has decided to snatch up the rights to Sorta Like a Rock Star. The purchase is clearly inspired by the success of "The Silver Linings Playbook," which gained author Matthew Quick worldwide acclaim. Deadline seems to think they'll have a challenge on their hands with the plot, but I think it sounds like it was made for the screen. Something like "Precious" meets "Where the Heart Is," if that makes any sense.

Brace yourself, because this might be the nerdiest question anyone asks you all day: How would the X-Men look if they occupied the world of "Game of Thrones"? Fortunately you don't have to answer (though I welcome fan art) because artist Nate Hallinan has done all the work for us with this incredible set of illustrations. The reinvention of Storm as "Stormbringer" is something I'll never stop hoping for as the seasons (and novels) continue.