Rooney Mara's Newest Role: The Girl Who Modeled for Calvin Klein?

Rooney Mara/Photo © Shutterstock

When we weren't paying attention, Rooney Mara became the face of Calvin Klein's new perfume, "Downtown," as well as the muse of Brazilian fashion designer Francisco Costa, who has dressed her for the campaign. Elle has a Q&A with both Costa and the "Dragon Tattoo" star about their work together, and there's a photo shoot as well. Definitely a softer side of Mara than we're likely to see in the movies anytime soon!

Since we're already looking at fashion, how about a supercut of iconic movie T-shirts? Video embedded below. Everyone wants to look like Marlon Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire," but we'd probably settle for wearing a "BIG FUN" shirt from "Heathers."

Thirty years ago David Cronenberg made "Videodrome," and today you can't stop refreshing your Twitter feed. Hmmm, could there be a connection? This OMNI retrospective suggests that the film "offers a long-needed correction to how we collectively view, and talk about, technology," and also refers to it as the "anti-Matrix." Are you committed to the fallacy of digital dualism? You know we're living in the future when all the movies from the eighties suddenly start coming true.

Speaking of that future, it may not contain as many 3-D films as you previously thought/hoped/feared. Even "Avatar" creator James Cameron thinks we need to ease up. The linked article suggests that Americans in general aren't buying 3-D, but it's being foisted onto us because the Chinese have an insatiable love for it (as people always say, follow the money). On the bright side, there's still time to catch "Pacific Rim" in theaters a few more times before the fad completely collapses.