From the Vault: Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones's Diary, Starring Renee Zellweger

Renée Zellweger © Universal Studios and Studio Canal and Miramax Film Corp.

When Bridget Jones, as portrayed by Renee Zellweger, belts out Celine Dion’s rendering of Eric Carmen’s famous lyrics, “All by myself, don’t want to be all myself,” pause for a moment of reflection, for this is a gift offered directly from the gods of chic flick cinema.

Now look to the viewer to find a single woman in bed, most likely with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a glass — no, make that a bottle — of wine, who is, indeed, watching the late night flick all by herself. But maybe she wants to be.

When Helen Fielding wrote “Bridget Jones's Diary,” she couldn't have known she had so acutely stumbled upon the missing voice of a generation; but whether she meant to or not, Bridget is the embodiment of the average modern woman. In a Jane Austen-esque romantic comedy, Bridget finds herself missing connections with a handsome Mr. Darcy and boldly forging an awkward, independent adult life. As she stumbles along, Bridget worms her way into our hearts because while she is very aware of all of her flaws and often tries to change them, she makes no apologies for who she is, which is the acceptance we all strive to gain within ourselves.

"Bridget Jones's Diary" is just the first installment of the Bridget Jones series. Fielding just released the third book in the series where we hear life for Bridget has changed quite a bit. The films rights to which are still available.