A Nice, Long Look at Cormac McCarthy's 'The Counselor'

Michael Fassbender and Javier Bardem in 'The Counselor/Photo © 2013 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Editor's Note: As Cormac McCarthy's latest moves toward its premiere, we're also talking about 'Pacific Rim 2,' Meg Ryan as editor, and Woody Allen.

At last, a more satisfying glimpse of Cormac McCarthy's screenplay brainchild "The Counselor" (or apparently "The Counsellor" if you're in the UK), below. It's interesting to see Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz sharing the spotlight again -- remember "Vanilla Sky"?

In an interview commemorating the home video release of "Pacific Rim," director Guillermo Del Toro confirmed that the film's sequel is currently being written. He also reveals the contents of his own video collection: approximately 7,000 DVDs and 900 Blu-Rays!

Meg Ryan has starred in numerous adaptations ("Into the Cut"), advocated for indie bookstores in "You've Got Mail," and now she's set to play a hotshot book editor in a new TV series. At this point all she has to do is actually write a book and she'll have hit just about every square on the BINGO card.

Woody Allen is soaring above the fresh tide of hate coming from Team Farrow, scattering tidbits of info about his new film, including the title: "Magic in the Moonlight." Just between us, these recent titles -- including "Blue Jasmine" and "Paris at Midnight" -- all strike me as unnecessarily hokey and sentimental. Thank goodness for the deeply cynical messages embedded within the films themselves, or else I'd say the old man has gone soft.