The Search Continues: Charlie Hunnam Is Not Christian Grey

Following rumors, gossip, heated debates, and adamantly stated opinions, casting was announced for the movie adaptation of E.L. James' wildly best-selling erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam were the chosen two, picked from Hollywood's crop of sexy up-and-comers to take on the roles of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.

At the time of casting, the rumor mill took pause -- but the opinions continued. Though the buzz around Johnson's turn as Anastasia hasn't sparked much debate, Hunnam as the choice for Grey did,  with some lauding the next move of the "Sons of Anarchy" star and others still chanting, "Bo-mer! Bo-mer!" This weekend, the rumor mill started churning again, as it was reported that Hunnam has dropped out of the film.

Reasons lobbed about for Hunnam's departure include scheduling conflicts and cold feet, but the racy subject matter of the film was not at the heart of Hunnam's bowing out, reports The Hollywood Reporter. So now one must wonder: Who will be the real Christian Grey? According to The Daily News, Alexander Skarsgard, Jamie Dornan, and Christian Cooke are currently under consideration, though nothing has been confirmed yet.

As the film takes shape with Sam Taylor-Johnson at the helm as director, Kelly Marcel as screenwriter, and the aforementioned Johnson as Anastasia, the pieces are all coming together -- and once the perfect Grey is cast, we'll sit back, satisfied that all is right in the world of "Fifty Shades."

  • Usama Irshad

    Jamie Dornan!!! Yes please! Wowoowowowo!


    Alexander Skarsgard yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is homley

    • Christina

      He is totally the hottest man on the earth.


    Jamie Dornan yucky too

  • elizabeth gonzalez

    Matt boomer! HE is the perfect Mr. Grey!

    • Rhonda

      Absolutely NOTHING again homosexuals - have friends that are and I love and respect them. However, an openly gay man is NOT the perfect Mr. Grey. Couldn't watch the movie knowing that.


    Christain Cooke to boyish--lets get a real man to play this part!!!! He has to have sex appeal but yet a dark side that make you have a little fear

  • yesi

    Awwww this totally sucks!! He would've been great as Christian! Matt Bomer is definitely NOT Christian Grey material and I have no idea why the other fans have that idea. Whoever they choose he better be great, as great as Charlie would've been.

    • Marie

      Yessi, well said!! Charlie was perfect!

    • Christina

      I think Charlie would have been ok but i truly think that Alexander Skarsgård would make a really great Christian Grey.

  • cats

    Yes yes yes Jamie Dornan....he' the one......

  • Tea

    Ryan Gosling is best Christian Grey for me! Her eyes and face, typical Chris 🙂

  • VikkiJo

    Chris Noth would be dreamy

  • simona

    dakota johnson is not good choice ...she is definitely not anastasia...

    • Joshy

      That's true. I Dont like her as Anastasia .

  • ailyn deno

    Matt boomer!!!!!! PLEASE !!!!

    • teresa

      Nothing against Gay men, I can't see Matt Boomer (he is gay) , being Christian Grey. Henry Cavill yes(superman ) himself will be a perfect fit.

      • Rhonda

        completely agree Teresa. I've been saying that since the movie discussion began.

  • Rashmini

    Please please consider Stephen Amell for the role... I mean he's perfect! 🙂

  • justin

    Alexander Skarsgard! He is walking sex!!!! absolutely best Grey material

    • Livy

      Couldn't have said it better myself!! Walking sex ftw!! Haha

  • greyes

    Matt Boomer es Grey, quien opine lo contrario no ha leído los libros

    • natalia

      solo porque la gente ve videos de el en youtube se hace la idea que Bomer es Grey! no tengo nada en contra de los gays, pero para este papel que despierta tanto morbo y hace volar la fantasia de las mujeres, se ncesita un hetero! al Bomer le sale forzada la interpretacion de que disfruta con las mujeres! ademas es bajo de estatura!! lean bien la descripcion de Grey! tiene pelo cobrizo (rojizo), es alto y de espalda ancha!!

  • Joanna

    Anyone that isn't Matt Bomer would be perfect....but let's petition to get Charlie Hunnam back!

  • amanda

    It NEEDS to be Ian Somerholder...he is my Christian Grey!

    • IAN SOMERHALDER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Adrian

      yes please !!!!!!

  • please Alexis Bledel and Mat Bomer for the movie plisssss:)

  • Adel

    Ryan Gosling or Ian Somerhalder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matt Bomer is the perfect, but...

  • pussywildcat

    Matt Bomer

  • consuelo

    What happened to Ian Somerhalder? No to Jamie Doran and Christian Cooke! I love Alex, but he's too old for the part. Our Christian was very young.

  • Heather

    Please oh please, Ian Somerholder! He is one fine man. And he has a dark side to him! And sex appeal...oh BABY! That would just be a dream come true!


  • Fran

    Matt Bomer as Christian Grey and Alexis Bledel as Anastasia Steel !!!! Pleaaase, they are perfect 😀

  • Rebecca

    Matt Bomer or Jamie Dornan for Christian, but I too think DJ is miscast for Ana, I want Felicity Jones in the film, she's got the perfect look for Ana

  • kačí

    IAN SOMERHALDER is the best looks for a Christian Grey absolutly! 🙂

  • bridgett

    I think it should be either Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhaulder. And Alexis should be Anna.

  • Olga

    Ryan Gosling PLEASE!!! HE IS CHRISTIAN GREY!!!!!

  • Veronica

    No! Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder. Really ? No body complained about Dakota Johnson...yeah right! Nobody wants her as Ana Steele. She's a 23rd year old who look like she's in her forties. Cast Alexa Davalos or Alexis Bledel for the role of Anastasia.

  • I do not understand why no-one has considered Adam Levine....he'd make the perfect CG

  • Trina

    Alexander Skarsgard!! That man is perfection! He is the perfect match for Christian Grey!!

  • Cindy Watkins

    I think James Scott from Days of Our Lives would be perfect for the role of Christian Grey.

    • Rhonda

      I said that early on EJ Dimera could so be CG. He's got that dark side and those eyes - the way they talk!

  • teaka

    Ian somerhalder plz.... i would totally love it if ian played as christian grey.

  • Tania

    Ian Somerhalder, no doubt !!

  • Kathy

    Just because Matt is Gay in the realworld Does not mean he doesn't play a straight man in his acting watch White Collar ... There are several Gay men who play straight all the time look AT NPH in how I met your mother if he didn't say you would never know.... But CG is 28 and is a Business man let's use some one who can pull off the Aramani or Devore or Versace... Ian is also an Excellent choice

    • Rhonda

      It would just be in the back of my mind that he's gay and I couldn't get into the movie - would seem even more unreal

    • Claudia


      Everyone saying that Matt can't play CG because he is gays is completely wrong. He kills in White Collar playing Neal who knows his way with ladies VERY well.

      Honestly just go to youtube and search Neal and Sara - White Collar and you'll see how perfect Matt is

  • Elo

    Jamie Dornan

  • Malene Soulless

    Alexander Skarsgard !!

    • Christina

      i agree

  • Cynthia Turner

    Scott Eastwood!!! smoking hot!!!! Please!!!!!

  • you guys did it! charlie left the project, but let me tell you something, matt bomer NOT WANT TO BE CHRISTIAN GREY! and none of you obtain he wants to play the role of Christian Grey, Charlie was handsome, and now in the following to be Cristian's are pure ugly men, with exception of Christian Cooke, please stop doing tantrum like small girls looking for something that simply not going to do, stop and ruining more things.

    • Claudia

      Seriously? You think Alexander Skarsgard aka the closet thing to a Viking God that exist is ugly?

      Girl you need to hit a doctor like ASAP.

  • anon

    No one will ever be satisfied ever. That's just life.

  • Linda

    Jamie Dornan or Christian Cooke,
    NOT Alexander Skarsgard , Theo James or Ryan Gosling

  • matt boumer or ivan..... freakin nice,,,

  • Gabry

    Only MATT BOOMER is Christian Grey
    and only ALEXIS BLEDEL is Anastasia

  • ryosaku

    al fin buscaron el significado de “ACTUACION Y PROFESIONAL” en su diccionario. Aunque Matt Bomer sea homosexual, se debe dejar muy claro en algo que se llama “SER PROFESIONAL”. Entendieron también que los actor (Charlie Hunnam) no alcanzaba las expectativas del público y también deberían darse cuenta de (Dakota Johnson) no cumple los requisito. No discuto que el actores que han escogido sean profesionales y que tenga experiencia pero no alcanzan lo que es el físico.

    Además deben transmitir lo que es la personalidad de Anastasia y Christian junto al físico. Alexis Bledel y Matt Bomer cumple tanto con los requisitos físicos y profesionales ya que han trabajado todos tipos de proyectos. Si han leído el libro de 50 sombras de Gray, Anastasia tiene alrededor de los 22 y Cristian 27 años y (Charlie Hunnam y Dakota Johnson) aparenta mas edad.

    No veo que tiene que ver las preferencias sexuales ya que eso es un tema personal que no entra a lo que es el trabajo y es considerado discriminación que Matt Bomer no pueda interpretara Christian Gray por ser homosexual.

    El objetivo en general es que el público disfrute y entretenga de la actuación y la elaboración de la película, ya que tenemos un excelente tema, seguramente buen equipo también escenarios pero la falla son los actores protagonista para realizar la película.

  • On Adam Levine,hes great looking,great body,but tattoos might be a problem.Charlie was perfect,to bad not many saw it that way.

  • i no who would be perfect to play christian grey- the guy from vampire diaries-ian something. he would be perfect for the role

  • Smith

    I think that Josh Duhamel would make a great Christian Grey.......just saying.....

  • vera

    let it be IAN SOMERHALDER! <3 he perfectly matches all Christian Grey's aura, looks and gosh he is so fitted for the role

  • Kim Jeffers

    There should not still be a search for the perfect Christian Grey..... We all know it is: Alexander Skarsgard!!!!!! It was first rumored as such when books came out..... When I read: I thought of Christian as Alexander............. He is undoubtedly the perfect description of Christian Grey....................

  • Patty

    Have you consider scott eastwood

    • Patty

      Scott eastwood

  • Christina

    Alexander Skarsgård

  • Claudia

    My perfect CG is Matt Bomer, however he is busy with White Collar so it ain't gonna happen. Same for Henry Cavill, he is busy with Man of UNCLE and then Man of Steel 2 🙁

    So out of this group Alexander Skarsgad. He is PERFECT for it, have you seen him playing Eric in True Blood? This is a man who obviously does not care about nudity and feel comfortable on his own body, just what we need for CG.



  • nicola

    *** Colin Egglesfield - could be a beautiful Christian Grey!

  • Laura

    Por qué les parece que Charlie Hunnam, es menos varonil que el otro chico, que además es gay??Chicas las esecenas tienen que ser muuuy reales y obviamente una persona que ama a los hombres no puede tener la química que se necesita en este tipo de película. A mí en particular me encanta Charlie, lo veo muy hombre y me encantaría que se definieran por él, creo que puede hacer excelentemente este papel y además lo consagraría en su carrera, la verdad me hace suspirar, y eso hacía mucho que no me pasaba.

  • Noelia

    Ian Somerhalder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kathryn

    matt bommer is gay how can he play christian ?
    Ian is the best choice

  • Randi

    Charlie would be perfect. What about Billy Idol? Blond, British and has sex appeal.

  • melina

    ian somerhalder!!!

  • EdieC

    Henry Cavill. If not him my 2nd choice is Daniel Di Tomasso of Witches of East End.

  • A.

    I think Ed Westwick would be absolutely amazing as the role of Christian I mean seriously he was amazing as a rich kid who got what he wanted in Gossip Girl. No I am not a teenager just think he was absolutely great n he's nice to look at 🙂 but that's just my opinion 🙂 good luck.

  • rose

    Chris Hemsworh is the only Christian Grey.

    • gerri

      Chris Hemsworth for Christian Grey......

  • Lola

    Joshhh Duhamel
    More christian than the real deal