They're Just Drawn That Way: 5 Cartoonish Moments from 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'

Bob Hoskins in Who Framed Roger Rabbit © 1988 - Walt Disney Studios. All rights reserved.

Earlier this year, BuzzFeed published an article on twenty lesser-known "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" facts. Inspired, we decided to revisit the film and account for our favorite moments from Robert Zemeckis's "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," based on Gary K. Wolf's novel, Who Censored Roger Rabbit.

Welcome to Toontown, California. Population: Toons. You've got your basic anthropomorphic characters and aspects, plus your occasional live action visitor. In the clip below, we see Eddie Valiant, our hard-boiled detective -- hired by R. K. Maroon (owner of Maroon Cartoons) -- who's come to investigate rumors that Jessica Rabbit has been having an extramarital affair. Jessica Rabbit is married to this guy.


More on Jessica Rabbit: She's not bad, she's just drawn that way.


Same applies to her predecessor, Betty Boop, who makes a cameo appearance.


And she's not the only one. In the scene below, we get to see a dueling piano act between Donald and Daffy Duck. The film characteristically melds Warner Bros. and Disney characters throughout.


Before we go, cue the most perfect car chase in the history of cartoon noir.

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