Private Journals of Malcolm X to Be Published This Week

Malcolm X/Image via

Editor's Note: It's a big day for big names in our roundup: Malcolm X, Star Wars, Martin Scorsese, Kevin Spacey, and Anthony Hopkins! Here's what's new with them.

Malcolm X's legendary 1965 autobiography (released a couple of months after his assassination) is the only published writing that the civil rights activist left behind -- until this month, when his private journals from the last year of his life are released. We have one of his daughters to thank for compiling and releasing The Diary of Malcolm X, but it sounds like the rest of his family does not approve: They've filed a lawsuit to try and block the book's release.

Another day, another "Star Wars" news update. But wait, this one could affect you, or someone you know: Disney is accepting video auditions nationwide for two roles in the film. Such a stunt gracefully echoes the "plucked from obscurity" character arc of Anakin Skywalker in the prequel trilogy, so if you win be prepared for everyone worldwide to hate your guts. But at least you'll have your own action figure!

Martin Scorsese turned in his list of the ten scariest movies almost two weeks after Halloween -- but he makes up for it by including titles like "The Entity," which are still truly edgy by today's standards. In the same link, you'll also find Steven Soderbergh explaining why "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" is his favorite James Bond film. I feel that he should have to make comments like these directly to Daniel Craig, in person, don't you?

Even Kevin Spacey and Anthony Hopkins make mistakes. Here's the proof: a blooper reel from "The Silence of the Lambs" that reminds you what filmmaking is all about (i.e., trying not to laugh as you do something ridiculous in a room full of about thirty people). Watch below!