Anne Frank Everywhere: 3 Different Projects in Production

Anne Frank/Photo via

Editor's Note: Anne Frank's omnipresence, Quentin Tarantino's project abandonment, and more in our daily roundup.

The organization that controls the rights to Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl is in a bit of a pickle. With two authorized features (one animated) already in production, the market for their heroine's tale was already pretty saturated. Now a third contender has entered the fray: a TV series that never bothered to ask the Anne Frank Fund's permission before going into production. Lest you think this is all about profit, the Fund has spoken out about the importance of safeguarding Frank's legacy: "[She] has become incredibly commercialized -- Anne Frank has become a brand, separated from the real person and her identity."

The next big Quentin Tarantino drama has arrived, and it's not on the screen. The director has announced that he's temporarily abandoning "The Hateful 8" because someone in his inner circle leaked the script all over Hollywood. For now he vows to publish the script instead and maybe revisit it after time has dulled the pain. In the meantime, CAA is floating the theory that Tarantino may have dispersed the script himself, deliberately or otherwise. Sounds like everyone involved had better keep one hand on their Hattori Hanz┼Ź swords until the matter is resolved.

Why on earth has Captain Underpants never made it to film until now? Could it have something to do with being one of the books most challenged by school library censors? Dreamworks Animation just revealed a dilly of a cast, including some of the best up-and-coming names in the comedy world. No release date yet, but in about five years I imagine all these censors' jobs are going to be a lot more tiring!

In an AV Club "Random Roles" interview, Sherilyn Fenn revealed secrets about David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" that have been off limits in the past. For example, the romance between her character and Kyle MacLachlan's -- a fan-favorite for viewers -- was truncated because of the problems it caused with MacLachlan's actual sweetie, Lara Flynn Boyle. The possibilities contained therein make the idea of a reunion series all the more tantalizing! Oh wait, Lynch just shot down that rumor once and for all. Audrey and Agent Cooper fans will have to get by with imagining what might have been.