Piracy Warning: NBC Will Attempt Live 'Peter Pan' Musical

Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurd-Wood in 2003’s Peter Pan/Image © Universal

Editor's Note: From a Peter Pan Musical to the intersection of Hollywood and government, here's your Monday roundup.

Consider NBC's live "The Sound of Music" to be a dress rehearsal. The real show comes next December when the same production team tackles the famous 1954 musical adaptation of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan. Casting is already underway -- my condolences in advance to the performers who are about to spend a whole year taking on a really huge challenge, only to be torn apart by internet critics within five minutes of airtime.

Award-winning character actor James Cromwell was arrested for disorderly conduct this weekend after an animal cruelty protest at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I wonder whether his activism is more motivated by working with animals in "Babe," or the dark exploration of medical ethics in "American Horror Story: Asylum." Either way, he's probably won more fans out of this incident than he's lost.

The New Yorker's got a brilliant piece reminiscing about the days when bookstores reigned supreme in New York, and what the city's lost in the bargain. It was inspired by the news that the building housing Rizzoli in Midtown will soon be demolished to make room for a new tower. At this rate, how long until the city that never sleeps becomes the city that never reads?

Occasionally Hollywood and the U.S. government find interesting ways to help each other out. This MetaFilter post about the F-104 Starfighter aircraft -- and the 1964 film it inspired -- is a fascinating look at how fine the line between entertainment (if you can call it that) and public relations can really be.