Robert Redford Traces Oscar Snub Back to Lionsgate

Robert Redford in ‘All Is Lost’/Photo © Daniel Daza/Lionsgate

Editor's Note: Robert Redford speaking up about the Oscars, the likelihood of Jennifer Lawrence's win this year, and more in our daily roundup.

One name notably absent from the list of Oscar nominations was Robert Redford's, whose survival drama "All Is Lost" has been discussed as a notable contender since early 2013. Redford discussed the oversight yesterday, observing that when it came to campaigning for awards, Lionsgate "didn’t want to spend money or they were incapable." However, he's been in the business a long time, and his career is unlikely to be affected either way. Quoth the actor: "I’m not disturbed by it or upset by it." If nothing else, he deserves the award for making that sound convincing.

Meanwhile, in the extremely unlikely event that Jennifer Lawrence wins  Best Supporting Actress, she would become the first actress to win Oscars two years in a row since Katharine Hepburn back in the 1960s. I love you, J-Law -- but you're no K-Hep. Not for another thirty years or so, at least.

An interesting update to our recent post about the success of Mein Kampf on e-readers: a new article not only explains how the book's original printing helped fund the Axis armies during WWII, but also reveals who's getting the royalties for current sales. Short answer: Most of it is donated to charity, because of the shame associated with profiting from such a notorious work.

Another followup: the generic product of merging all Nicholas Sparks movie heroes into one composite leading man may finally meet his mate. At last, we have the female equivalent! I wish them a happier fate than, say, Frankenstein's monster and the bride that was created on his behalf. Shouldn't be hard -- just say alive together for more than five minutes.