They Put a Ring on It: Gal Gadot Will Be Wonder Woman for 3 Pictures

Gal Gadot/Photo © Shutterstock/Jaguar PS

Editor's Note: We're women-centric in today's roundup, from Gal Gadot to Lena Dunham to Thora Birch and more.

After being bathed in the righteous fire of fanboy (and -girl) appraisal, Gal Gadot has finally laid enduring claim to the role of Wonder Woman. The actress isn't just signed on for "Batman vs. Superman" -- she has committed to a three-picture deal that most likely includes "Justice League" and a potential film of her own. Also revealed: they're paying her a paltry $300K for the first film. Hmm ... does that indicate she's got a very small part, or are they just capitalizing on her lack of fame? Either way, it's great that we'll be seeing more of that character overall.

Perhaps more memorable than Lifetime's "Flowers in the Attic" is the nostalgic craze it ignited -- for example, this live-tweeting of the entire film by Cleolinda Jones and others. Complain all you want about remakes, but they really do inspire many people to revisit the original material.

Speaking of dubious adaptations, Vulture would like to make a case for how the HBO show "Girls" is analogous to Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, with Lena Dunham's Hannah Horvath standing in for Jo March, even down to their defiant hairstyles. Tawdry exploits notwithstanding, perhaps things haven't changed as much in the last 150 years as we care to think?

Whatever happened to Thora Birch, the brooding indie actress who turned so many arthouse heads in "American Beauty" and "Ghost World"? The Guardian went on safari to West Hollywood and hunted her down for an interview, finding her to be as conflicted as ever about a woman's role in the film business, while friends on either side have become superstars (Scarlett Johansson) or met tragic ends (Brittany Murphy). While it doesn't sound like she's out of the game entirely, she seems uncertain about her relationship with acting to the point where a comeback might not actually be welcome. At least we'll always have "Hocus Pocus."