'Noah' Uncut: Paramount Cedes to Director's Vision for Controversial Film

Russell Crowe is Noah Russell Crowe in ‘Noah’/Image © Paramount

Editor's Note: 'Noah': Uncut will make its way to theaters after all, a guide to Jack Kerouac's On the Road route, and more in our roundup.

It looks like we're going to be blessed with Darren Aronofsky's version of "Noah" after all -- but not for the reasons you might expect. Paramount, concerned about reactions to the film among the more religious, recut the film a few different ways to test with audiences. Aronofsky was furious, but he got the last laugh: Audiences reacted so poorly to the studio cuts that it looks like Paramount has no choice but to release the director's version and let the chips fall where they may.

How's this for an adaptation: A German student has compressed Jack Kerouac's On the Road into forty-five pages of Google Maps directions, chronicling the young author's crooked course across the United States. It sounds deadly dull as reading material, but the prospect of reliving Kerouac's spirit of adventure and ending up in some interesting (perhaps no longer existing) locations is pretty enticing.

Who whitewashes The Watchmen? The Hooded Utilitarian blog has put together an illustrated essay demonstrating how the recent non-canon prequels to Alan Moore's legendary graphic novel have failed to live up to the fairly progressive standards of the original -- especially in terms of gender and sexuality. It looks like the art isn't the only thing that's retro.

Before you pick a movie to snuggle up with on Friday, you might want to check it against The Backlot's list of the twenty least romantic movies. I think they're far too hard on "The Talented Mr. Ripley" and "Brokeback Mountain," but boy are they right about "Revolutionary Road." Oh, and here's one that they missed: Mike Nichols' "Closer" is beautifully directed and acted, but it should never be watched by couples! If you don't have a valentine this year and want to feel confident about this decision, maybe that's the way to go.