'You Like Me!' NYC's Tribute to Memorable Oscar Speeches

Sally Field's Oscar Speech via YouTube

Editor's Note: As we gear up for the Academy Awards, we're looking back at past Oscar speeches, long-gone red carpet looks, and more in our daily roundup.

Every year dozens of Oscar winners stand up in front of the whole world and say ... well, it's not usually very memorable. But certain acceptance speeches have continued to echo across the ages, and the annual NYC event "You Like Me!" is where they end up. Over the years they've amassed a lot of fun clips, like Molly Pope's medley of Best Songs, columnist Michael Musto performing as Susan Lucci, and comedian Billy Eichner as Elaine Stritch. This year's event falls on Saturday, with two different showtimes. Be sure to -- [*music plays, cut to commercial*].

Want to see what a bunch of 2014 nominees wore to their very first Academy Awards? Here's a look back at how Cate, Leo, Julia, and the others have grown since the first time they worked the red carpet. According to these pictures, Sandra Bullock's hair began defying gravity in 1996, and the rest of her caught up only recently.

In casting news, the new "Star Wars" has found its arch-villain. You may recall Adam Driver as the debonair trust-fundie in "Frances Ha," and he's certainly in good company on the show "Girls." No details yet on who this villainous character is or how he fits into the existing "Star Wars" universe, but it's nice to see a budding character actor land such a plum role.

Another overshadowed comics heroine may be slowly making her way to the screen. The IMDB page for the upcoming "Captain America" film lists a character named "Jennifer Walters" -- otherwise known as the She-Hulk, and cousin of original hulk Bruce Banner. Some may call me a dreamer, but I'm already looking forward to Wonder Woman and She-Hulk teaming up about ten years from now for a superhero-flavored "Thelma and Louise" tribute. Hey, it could happen.