Drawn That Way: Lena Dunham Will Write 'Archie' Comics

Lena Dunham/Photo © JStone/Shutterstock

Editor's Note: Our focus is on comics in today's roundup, from Lena Dunham's love for Archie to the trials and tribulations of actors as superheroes.

Betcha didn't take "Girls" creator Lena Dunham for a comics geek! Turns out she's a longtime Archie fan, and claims to own a copy of the very first issue. Proving that childhood dreams really do come true, Dunham has signed on to write a four-issue story arc for the seventy-five-year-old series starting sometime next year. I'm crossing my fingers that it will involve the gang taking a roadtrip from Riverdale to Bushwick.

Speaking of comics, a new adventure starts this week over at Tenko King, a Kickstarter-backed webcomic about a legendary journey shared by a little boy and his pet frog. The series -- created by Tavis Maiden, a finalist in Penny Arcade's reality show "Strip Search" -- will be one to watch in coming months, inevitably coming soon to a page near you.

Meanwhile, the heavy adaptation cycle of superhero comics is beginning to take its toll on Hollywood's latest crop of talent. According to The New York Times, lesser known actors are cast purely for budgetary reasons, and then they're put through muscle-man bootcamp to save money on stand-ins and body-doubles. Many of these would-be actors are left high and dry when their movie does poorly, like Jason Momoa in last year's "Conan" film, and even the successful ones are pretty much left to flap in the wind. If you've spent the last few years puzzling over how Gerard Butler happened to us, you'll find all the answers right here.

Raise your hand if you came of age expecting all future computer interfaces to look like the ones in "Jurassic Park." (Okay, now put your hands down, because I can't see them.) Thanks to the Jurassic Systems website, you can transform your regular internet browser into a Dennis Nedry-approved interactive screenscape. Enjoy that technology -- scientists seem to think it's the closest we're likely to get to actual Jurassic Park-caliber attractions anytime soon.