Video: John Travolta Also Flubbed 'Les Miserables' in 2013

John Travolta

Editor's Note: Post-Oscar night chatter is one of our favorite pieces of Awards season, so we're kicking off with John Travolta's pronunciation fumble and moving on from there in today's roundup.

Everyone who's still amused or outraged by John Travolta's butchering of Idina Menzel's introduction last night probably should have seen it coming -- after all, he goofed up pronouncing "Les Miserables" during an introduction early last year. I'd recommend cue-cards that are written out phonetically, except in Menzel's case that would hardly have made any difference.

Considering all the eleganza we saw last night, it's pretty incredible to see how casually the very first Oscars were covered by the New York Times back in 1929 -- a week after they were awarded. As one Redditor sputtered: "But how did everyone know what the actors were wearing?!"

Adapting The Watchmen to the screen was a colossal challenge  -- and not just because the graphic novel had been deemed unfilmable by its own author. Before Zack Snyder took it on, that challenge belonged to Terry Gilliam, who had a very different ending in mind. There are spoilers there for both the book and the movie, and if you've ingested either then you'll be able to appreciate what a departure that is from the text. It's just so crazy it might have worked (that actually sort of describes Gilliam's entire oeuvre).

Remember Spike Lee's recent remake of "Oldboy," which didn't catch on with American audiences as intended? Someone spotted a bootleg copy for sale on the internet that features a critic's pullquote on the cover. That sounds pretty common until you actually read the quote: "An unnecessary, sub-par remake." Are we being hoaxed? Is it just that we want to believe, so very badly? If you spot one of these floating around out there, snatch it for me. I'm willing to reimburse you, plus a bonus stipend if you actually watch it.