Maria Bello to Star in Stephen King's Big Driver

Maria Bello/Photo © Chernin Entertainment

Stephen King is no stranger to having his work adapted for film. A healthy percentage of his published work has found its way on to some kind of screen over the years. The Lifetime Network, however, is a new platform for the mystery writer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network will air an original TV movie, "Big Driver" later this year.

Big Driver is a novella from a 2010 release Full Dark, No Stars. This particular story of revenge is about a famous writer named Tess Thorne. Tess is stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire on her way home from a writing engagement. Things go terribly wrong when another driver stops to offer assistance. Tess winds up left for dead only to escape and make it home with a desire to exact her revenge.

Maria Bello will star in the picture alongside Olympia Dukakis, Joan Jett, and Will Harris. Jeffrey Hayes and Bill Haber will executive produce. Richard Christian Matheson will write the screenplay and Mikael Salomon will direct.

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time Maria Bello has stared in a Stephen King adaptation. In 2004, she appeared in "Secret Window" alongside Johnny Depp and John Turturro. The biggest question surrounding the picture is how it will translate for Lifetime. Tess Thorne makes for an ideal leading lady for Lifetime's predominantly female audience, but fans of King have already started to wonder whether or not the essence of the author will be left on cutting room floor.