After All That Fuss, 'Hateful Eight' to Begin Filming in 2015 Says Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell and Quentin Tarantino in 2007/Photo © S. Bukley/Shutterstock

Editor's Note: "Hateful Eight" may see the light of day, Brooklyn dwellers can see the relief of entertainment-based air-conditioning, and more in our Tuesday roundup.

In case there's anyone left who believes Quentin Tarantino will continue withholding his "The Hateful Eight" script on principle, Kurt Russell just blew that theory to bits. The actor casually mentioned the project in an interview this week, saying it "looks like it may go somewhere around the beginning of the year." Did that whole leak scandal end up delaying the film's production by even a month? The movie had better be dazzling, otherwise it was all a bunch of squawk over nothing.

It's summer in New York (and a few other places), which means cheap, air-conditioned entertainment is a top priority. The Actor's Fund in downtown Brooklyn has got you covered tonight with Have You Seen This?, a cinematic variety show whose hosts (myself included) will try to outdo each other with obscure film clips from their private collections -- you know, just like you might do with your own friends, except with theater-caliber AC.

This week Comic Book Resources challenged its resident artists to re-imagine famous anime titles as Western-style comics, and the results are downright uncanny. The sight of Akira as a Jack Kirby/Stan Lee style superhero comic or Battle Angel Alita as a more contemporary DC title is almost vertigo-inducing. I'm bummed that no one claimed Ranma 1/2, but that probably would have ended up as a cautionary Chick tract.

These characters aren't the only ones who got a makeover this week. The New Yorker revisited the 1950s children's book character Eloise, now forty-six years old and still up to no good. It might seem like sacrilege to imagine our sweet Eloise spending her later years scavenging leftover room-service trays and ordering top-shelf liquor from room service, but look on the bright side: She still probably turned out better than Dennis the Menace.