Casting Announcements for Whitney Houston and Dan Rather Projects

Whitney Houston/Photo © Shutterstock

Editor's Note: In today's roundup, we're looking at the casting news for new Whitney Houston and Dan Rather projects, a practical guide to surviving your camping excursion, and Steven Spielberg on set of Jurassic Park.

Dan Rather would probably forget the 2004 "Rathergate" situation, as well as the book written about it by his former producer Mary Mapes, entitled Truth and Duty. However, he claims to be "cautiously optimistic" about the upcoming film adaptation -- the fact that they've gotten Robert Redford to play him probably doesn't hurt. Mapes will be played by Cate Blanchett, so obviously she's not sweating it either.

Meanwhile, over at Lifetime (which has been cornering the market on dishy original films for the last few years), a Whitney Houston biopic project is underway. Too soon? Not if you ask Yaya DaCosta, an "America's Next Top Model" alum who has been tapped to play the tormented pop diva. Many are complaining that the likeness isn't close enough, but that's probably just because Houston remains such a vivid presence in our minds. And remember, it could always be worse...

Thanks to all the horror films of the last thirty years, it's surprising that anyone vacations in rustic cabins anymore, or voyages out into the woods for any reason. If you really must go, io9 has compiled a practical guide to surviving your excursion. For example, ignore the beds: "It doesn't matter how many rooms the cabin has; tonight everyone's sleeping together." Retiring to separate rooms means splitting up, and you know what that's likely to incur.

Steven Spielberg recently caught ire from some trophy hunting protesters who were themselves a little too quick on the trigger. This picture taken on the "Jurassic Park" set elicited comments from people who erroneously assumed that the triceratops was a real creature that he had hunted and slain. Compounding the irony, one person wrote: "I think zoos are the best way to keep these innocent animals safe." This very idea was addressed in the movie itself, with rather gruesome results.