Bryan Cranston Plays LBJ for HBO, Woody Allen Mocks Nixon

Bryan Cranston as Lyndon Johnson in All the Way

Editor's Note: Cue Hail to the Chief. Bryan Cranston is taking his Tony-winning performance of Lyndon Johnson to HBO, a new Woody Allen short surfaces, and more.

It's official: "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston will indeed be taking his Tony-winning performance of 36th President Lyndon Johnson to HBO. It was only a matter of time before "All the Way" made it to one screen or another; Johnson's been under-represented in the steady stream of political figures whose careers we've been revisiting lately, and the Broadway run itself won the award for Best Play.

No one ever seems to tire of revisiting Nixon. A long lost Woody Allen short resurfaced online recently, originally intended for PBS in 1972. The film was a mockumentary with Tricky Dick as the the subject, and predated the Watergate scandal. It was withheld from the airwaves due to concerns about the Allen's off-color humor, but now you can watch the entire thing without commercial interruption (unless you count annoying YouTube popups).

Moby-Dick may be a work of creative genius, but it didn't just manifest out of nowhere. Herman Melville was inspired in part by a real life whale named "Mocha Dick," recalled in an 1839 article by an explorer named Jeremiah Reynolds. This might be up there with "King Kong" in terms of stories worthy of a huge 3D CGI blockbuster. Perhaps after the recent success of the new "Planet of the Apes" film, studios will decide summer audiences have a taste for serious drama (as well as huge ocean waves).

The "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie that no one really wanted has resulted in a rather odd mash-up: in a new comic, the Turtles team up with the Ghostbusters. The story has our heroes in a halfshell entering an alternate New York City through some kind of dimensional rift, and assisting in the local ghost patrol. Let's admit it, that's probably a more viable idea than whatever Dan Aykroyd's cooking up for "Ghostbusters 3."