Benedict Cumberbatch 'Hamlet' Shatters Theater Box Office Record

Benedict Cumberbatch/Photo © Kevin Winter/WireImage

Editor's Note: The Benedict Cumberbatch Hamlet production attracts the hordes, George R. R. Martin superfans are on the ball, and more in our pre-weekend roundup.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet was sure to be a hit, but who could have foreseen that the London production would become the fastest-selling ticket in theater history, outpacing even Jay-Z and Beyonce's latest tour? Don't worry, they've held back a hundred tickets from each performance to sell to those who were not so quick on the draw. Or as the bard would say: "Though this be madness, yet there is method in't."

One of the problems with having a rabid fanbase with lots of spare time between books is that people start peeking ahead and trying to guess how it will all end. That's the case with George R. R. Martin anyhow: the Game of Thrones author admitted that some fans have accurately guessed how the series will wrap up. However, he vows that he's not going to change his plans just to keep readers guessing. Some of you will just get to feel extra smart when you read the finale.

How long before it's okay to post spoilers about your favorite movies, books, and shows? TiVo polled its userbase to try and get a consensus, and over 27% of them insisted on at least a day's head start to catch up on the latest episode. More impressive, however, is the amount of people (nearly 7%) who think that headlines which contain info like casting news also should be avoided. I clearly don't share that commitment to a pure viewing experience, but I sure do admire it.

Atención: Daniel José Older has some important thoughts on the tradition of italicizing non-English words in books. The Salsa Nocturna and Half-Resurrection Blues author illustrates how this can draw attention to these words in ways that exoticize them, intentionally or otherwise. Don't worry, it will all become clear once the cigar and acoustic guitar come out! Enjoy the video below.