The Power of Film: Seaworld Admits 'Blackfish' Has Hurt Profits

Still from ‘Blackfish’/Image © Magnolia Pictures

Editor's Note: The backlash of "Blackfish," sex onscreen in the era of Bacall, and more in today's roundup.

The heartbreaking documentary "Blackfish" has had a profound effect on public opinion surrounding whale and dolphin captivity. Sea World has kept a stiff upper lip so far, fighting the film's allegations and admitting no damage as a result of the film. That has changed now with a press release from the park admitting a drop in attendance owed to blowback from the doc and the proposed change in legislation that it advocates for. It may be a while yet before they are forced to take drastic action, but this admission may be the chink in Sea World's armor that its critics have been waiting for.

As we continue to grieve Lauren Bacall, it might be worth indulging in a conversation about sexuality onscreen and just how far actresses like Bacall were able to push the standards with a few technically innocent words or gestures. While it's undeniable that reminiscing about this period basically makes one "nostalgic for censorship," it is also a testament to the creativity that the pre-code period brought out in its on- and 0ff-camera talent alike.

If you love huge spoilers about major tent-pole blockbusters, then click this link full of story details about "Batman vs. Superman." The contents explain the likely scheme of arch-villain Lex Luthor and reveal the inclusion of a character whose very presence is a bit of a spoiler. Will your curiosity overcome your desire to remain rapt and credulous through opening weekend screenings? Mine certainly didn't.

Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax, and listen to twelve hours' worth of the background drone that enfolds Deckard's apartment in "Blade Runner." Forget a white noise machine, soothe yourself the android way and you'll be counting electric sheep in no time. The video is embedded below for your listening pleasure.