‘The 33’: Despite Movie, Chilean Miners Still Face Bleak Prospects

Editor's Note: The real aftermath for the miners featured in "The 33," the run-up to the controversy of "Concussion," and more in our Friday roundup. Before you take off for your weekend, take a moment for your Daily Blunt.

The trailer for "The 33" (watch below) may bring a tear to your eye, and the film's debut today is sure to rekindle the emotions onlookers felt all over the world as Chile hastened to rescue miners trapped deep underground. Yahoo News reports that, five years later, some of these survivors still struggle to find work, and due to legal disputes they may not stand to gain anything from the cinematic version of their story. "The division we have within the group is because of what the lawyers have done to us," one of the men observed.

Elsewhere in real-life drama, NFL fans are bracing for "Concussion," the documentary examining the long-term physical and neurological damage inflicted by America's favorite heavy-hitting contact sport, dubbed by this reviewer as "football's 'Inconvenient Truth.'" The film corrects the misconception that it's the sport's major helmet-to-helmet clashes that are causing players' mental and physical woes, confirming the quantity of minor "subconcussive" hits as the real factor. The film arrives in theaters on Christmas.

If Chevy Chase had been nicer to Chris Columbus on the set of "Christmas Vacation," we probably would never have gotten to enjoy the holiday juggernaut that was "Home Alone." According to this Chicago Magazine oral history of the latter film, Columbus was handed the script as a consolation after walking off the Chase picture, and the rest is box-office history. The best bits from the article pertain to the horror of filming all those amusing stunts: "It was kind of terrifying to watch. Only after [the stunt performers] got up and came to the monitor to watch playback did we actually laugh."

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