Battle of the Hamlets: Prince Charles Takes on Cumberbatch

Image via BBC

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Start your week right, with a roundup of the weekend’s ICYMI moments. It’s your Daily Blunt!

Continuing the Shakespeare celebration that has swept the world in observance of the 400th anniversary of the playwright’s death, a bit of a row broke out on the BBC over how some of the best lines in Hamlet ought to be performed. Among the combatants were thespians David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch, Judi Dench, and… Prince Charles. That’s right, a member of the British royal family took a stab at playing a member of a doomed Danish royal family. Who takes the title? Seems a certain Prince is in the lead.

Mick Jagger fans are bound to be shocked over Rich Cohen’s new book The Sun, the Moon, and the Rolling Stones. Apparently the band-bio paints the iconic lead singer as a “monstrous” and power-hungry presence, and in the linked article you can read about the relationship between author and subject due to the time Cohen spent in Jagger’s inner circle — and its link to HBO’s new series “Vinyl.”

It’s too bad Douglas Adams isn’t around to see this: the kakapo, a flightless parrot on the brink of extinction whose struggles Adams chronicled in Last Chance to See, is fighting its way back from the brink. “The chick numbers achieved this year are a real step towards a future that doesn’t involve the hands-on management of every single bird,” reports one of the conservationists responsible for the kakapo. The roly-poly parrots are not in the clear quite yet, but it’s exciting to hear there are now at least 160 of them (up from seventeen at their lowest point). Go Team Kakapo!

Scott Rogowsky is just an everyday guy reading books on the subway — whose covers have been designed to incite as much scandal as possible. The comedian’s fake reading material ranges from eyebrow-raising titles like Human Taxidermy: A Beginner’s Guide or Gone Girl 2: Even Goner to more political or sexually explicit titles that we won’t reproduce here. Fortunately there’s a video you can watch that shows his fellow commuters’ reactions in real-time, which are the real centerpiece of this stunt.