Jon Acuff on How to Take Charge of Your Career

Image © Jeremy Cowart

Will I ever get promoted? Should I quit my job? If you’re unhappy, you don’t just ponder these questions on Mondays; you think about them all the time. “If you have a miserable career, you bring it home on Saturday,” Jon Acuff says on our sister podcast, Beaks & Geeks. Whether you love your current role or hope to leave someday, you have to start making moves. Complacency is your worst enemy, and it’s easier to be comfortable than face the great unknown. “You should never trade fifty weeks of misery for two weeks of vacation, that’s terrible math,” Acuff explains. Unless you’re very lucky, career progression doesn’t just fall into your lap. There’s a blueprint for optimizing your career potential, and Acuff has created a precise checklist for accomplishing your goals: “Relationships + Skills + Character x Hustle.” If you’re missing a piece of this formula, you’re not doing it right.

Having been fired and hired many times over the years, Jon’s advice is accessible and will likely land well no matter your job status. A Do Over means that you have the ability to love your job – or your next opportunity – and turn your Monday from dreaded workday into just another day of the week. Whether you’re hitting a career ceiling, currently laid off, making a career change, or receiving more responsibility, Acuff’s formula is sure to bring happiness to your next step.

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