Protesting In Florida This Weekend? Read Melissa Jo Peltier’s Advice First

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Editor's Note:

Melissa Jo Peltier’s rallying cry to rally right this weekend, Trump’s racial discrimination case documents released, and more. Sometimes we can’t not serve up our Daily Blunt with a helping of politics.

Reality Boulevard author and documentary filmmaker Melissa Jo Peltier is hoping protesters won’t show up in large numbers at President Donald Trump’s rally in Florida this weekend, and revealed why in an urgent series of tweets yesterday: She believes the administration wants protesters there, perhaps in anticipation of a violent scene that would damage the credibility of leftist activism — handing them an excuse to curb future protests. Peltier suggests that, instead, people demonstrate their dissent somewhere closer to home: “Let him see how unpopular he is. Let Alt-Right agitators lying in wait twiddle their thumbs.” Her advice has been retweeted by over three thousand people already, hopefully circulating among all those who were looking forward to challenging Trump on his home ground (the president has already spent several weekends at his Mar-A-Lago retreat).

Speaking of the prez, anyone struggling to parse yesterday’s press conference ought to revisit the subject of young Trump’s mentorship with Roy Cohn, one of the most notorious trial lawyers in American history, who made an extensive appearance in The Art of the Deal as a key figure in the young mogul’s “triumph” over charges of racial discrimination in his housing complexes in the 1970s. Cohn’s main advice to Trump: “Always hit back.” The article traces Cohn’s influence all the way through last year’s successful campaign and into our current milieu. As for the outcome of the discrimination case, we can now judge for ourselves: The FBI quietly released all the documents pertaining to this case just this week.

There’s no time for retirement, now or ever, no matter how big your paycheck is — just look at Oprah Winfrey, who has leapt back into the film business after a long period of limited screen-time. The megastar is set to star in HBO’s “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” telling the oft-overlooked story of the woman whose cells became a pillar of medical research. The movie is based on a book written by Lacks’s own daughter, an investigation into the previously undiscovered facts about her mother’s incredible story.

Peter S. Beagle’s not done chasing unicorns just yet, or showing us why such a fanciful pastime is so important. The author of The Last Unicorn has a new book entitled In Calabria revisiting his favorite (and his fans’ favorite) subject matter, in which a middle-aged farmer discovers one of these fantastic beasts and tends it through its pregnancy. “It’s still exciting to have him involved in longer work again,” observes NPR’s reviewer, “particularly when he’s returning to his favorite theme, and finding new ways to revitalize it.” Any chance this could lead to another animated treasure on par with the weirdly dated-yet-timeless 1982 classic?