Parsing the Page Turners: Great Thrillers to Read Right Now

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We’ve all, at one point or another, dreamed about having a life of action – one filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, and more drama than we have ever known. Secretly or not, people long to be the center of something exciting, something scandalous … even something dangerous. But, let’s face it: most of us will never lead that kind of life, because those things don’t happen to the average Joe, and just because we fantasize about a life like that doesn’t mean we actually want it.

So where’s the happy medium? How can we indulge in our desire to solve murders, run from a deranged killer, and survive a car chase when we don’t want to do it ourselves? It seems that we all want, and need, a thrill, but we want to experience it vicariously – through a book’s protagonist, perhaps. Therein lies your answer: Read a good thriller and your problem is solved.

Give it a go. Get out of your daily rut, and dive into a story that will satisfy your craving for electrifying drama. Here are some thrilling reads you’ll want to read right now.

  • The cover of the book Telling Tails

    Telling Tails

    Sarah Grayson opens a secondhand shop in the charming town of North Harbor, Maine, and adopts a rescue cat, Elvis, in hopes that her life will be calm and peaceful. But when Sarah’s employee Rose witnesses a customer being murdered by his wife, everything changes. Rose is knocked out before she can call the police, and when she wakes up, no one believes what happened … except for Sarah.

  • The cover of the book Big Law

    Big Law

    A Novel

    Carney Blake, a young partner at the prestigious Dunn and Sullivan law firm, represents many high-profile clients, some of whom are the lowest of the low in terms of morality. Carney is unexpectedly put on a plaintiff case, straying from the usual corporate bad guys he represents. As the case unfolds, Blake stumbles upon massive corruption within Dunn and Sullivan and learns why he was really put on the case.

  • The cover of the book Ring of Fire

    Ring of Fire

    A Saudi group has been using a shell company to fund global terrorist attacks. Taskforce operators Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill uncover an imminent threat from this faction that risks the lives of countless Americans. Pike and Jennifer race to put a stop to the attack, but destruction and chaos ensue, and the danger is far from over.

  • The cover of the book False Friend

    False Friend

    A Novel

    Detective Devereaux returns in the second novel in the Cooper Devereaux mystery thriller series. This time around, an arsonist is in the middle of a reign of terror while targeting schools in Birmingham, Alabama. Devereaux conducts an investigation to catch this pyromaniac, and in doing so, he finds that there’s more to this case than meets the eye: gruesome rituals, the disappearance of local citizens, and allegations against city officials of appalling crimes.

  • The cover of the book K Street

    K Street

    K Street, the latest novel in the Kay Hamilton series, continues the legacy of Kay Hamilton, an ex-DEA agent now employed by the Callahan Group – a covert intelligence agency based in Washington, D.C. Hamilton walks in on a deadly robbery taking place in her office and is determined to investigate it. Before slipping into a coma, Kay’s boss steers her in the right direction with a hint that exposes a top-secret organization: the NSA.

  • The cover of the book The Girl Before

    The Girl Before

    A Novel

    This New York Times bestselling psychological thriller – and soon-to-be major motion picture – centers on two young women, Emma and Jane, whose lives are more intertwined than they realize. Emma moves in to a breathtaking house on Folgate Street and, soon after, suffers a mysterious death. Jane is the next to move in to this haunting house. When she learns of the previous tenant’s sudden death, she unknowingly follows the same pattern of destruction, and experiences the same horrors as the girl before.

  • The cover of the book Missing, Presumed

    Missing, Presumed

    A Novel

    Edith Hind, a beautiful graduate student at Cambridge University, has been missing for nearly twenty-four hours. Only a few clues have been left behind: blood in her kitchen, on her keys, her phone, and an open front door. A desperate investigation leads police officer Manon Bradshaw down a dark path as she quickly discovers shocking truths about Edith’s love life and unpredictable behavior. Manon races the clock to close the case, but her findings only lead her further into devastation.

  • The cover of the book Heartbreak Hotel

    Heartbreak Hotel

    An Alex Delaware Novel

    After some convincing, child psychologist Alex Delaware takes on a nearly one-hundred-year-old woman named Thalia Mars as his client. In their first meeting, Thalia asks some alarming questions about guilt, criminal behavior, and victim selection. When Alex shows up the following morning for their next session, he finds Thalia dead in her room. This New York Times bestseller leaves the reader dying to know what happened to Alex’s most mysterious patient.

  • The cover of the book Dead Letters

    Dead Letters

    A Novel

    When Ava Antipova is told that her twin sister, Zelda, is dead, she doesn’t buy it. The official report says that Zelda was allegedly burned alive when she passed out in the barn with a lit cigarette – too spotless a story for Ava’s liking. In her suspicion, Ava receives a cryptic message from her “dead” sister. Ava chooses to follow her sister’s trail of clues, leading her down a path of complete disarray.

  • The cover of the book A Hero of France

    A Hero of France

    A Novel

    This New York Times bestseller sheds light on life in Nazi-occupied Paris. Mathieu, a front-runner of the French Resistance, leads a team of brave citizens on several missions to take down German officials and aid fallen Englishmen. All goes as planned until German military police increase security and surveillance. The Reich is coming after Mathieu and his team at full speed, with the intent of destroying them all.

  • The cover of the book Murder on the Serpentine

    Murder on the Serpentine

    A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Novel

    Murder on the Serpentine, part of the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series, presents two of our favorite characters with the most substantial case they’ve ever had: finding the person behind the murder of Sir John Halberd, the Queen’s confidant. Commander Pitt and his wife, Charlotte, must use discretion and stealth to solve this mystery as they discover that the killer is a powerful member of the upper class. They soon uncover a massive secret that could dismantle the monarchy and change the future of the British Empire forever.

  • The cover of the book Killings


    This nonfiction collection of captivating murder stories, originally seen in the New Yorker between 1969 and 2010, focuses not on the violence of the crimes, but on the aftermath of life being cut short and the effect that an untimely death has on other people. As Trillin says, Killings is “more about how Americans live than about how some of them die.”