11 Books That Exhilarate: A Thrilling Kick-Off to Summer

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Summertime is well-loved by many, and for good reason – the long days, warm breezes, the sound of water on the shore by the sea or lakeside, bare feet, an ice-cold drink in one hand, and … a thrilling new book in the other.

What’s something you can do outdoors, in nice weather? Read a thriller. What’s something you can do indoors, when the heat is unbearable? Read a thriller. What’s something you can do to distract yourself while trapped with an annoying family member on vacation? Read a thriller. How can you spice up your dull day at the pool? Read. A. Thriller. It’ll make every summer day more enjoyable, guaranteed.

The scorching season is right around the corner, so get to it the right way. Pick up a good book, park yourself on a chair outside, soak up some sun, and get lost in the excitement of a sensational story that strikes every last nerve. The list below makes it even easier to add a little suspense to your lazy days. So, without further ado, here are some fantastic new thrillers to kick off your summer.

  • The cover of the book Fast and Loose

    Fast and Loose

    When a boating trip results in an appealing business opportunity for the optimistic and cunning Stone Barrington, he quickly accepts … and soon after finds himself facing a new enemy with an extremely short fuse. Stone must use his special skills against his adversary’s ticking-time-bomb temper to maneuver himself out of life-threatening confrontations.

  • The cover of the book Finding Gideon

    Finding Gideon

    Contract-killer Gideon goes head-to-head with his longstanding enemy, Midnight, in a heated act of revenge, with the intent to finally put a stop to the chaos once and for all. But Gideon doesn’t prepare himself for what Midnight has in store: an army of ruthless, powerful mercenaries ready to do whatever is necessary to destroy Gideon, his team –  and even his family.

  • The cover of the book Burntown


    A Novel

    Ashford, Vermont, is no ordinary New England town. In the midst of abandoned mills and factories, there are plenty of deadly secrets. Eva “Necco” Sandeski, a resident of this “Burntown,” begins uncovering the truth behind the untimely death of her parents, and quickly finds herself being pursued by a man called “Snake Eyes.” Necco must unravel the mysteries of this town and rely on other Burntown misfits to make it out alive.

  • The cover of the book Golden Prey

    Golden Prey

    Lucas Davenport makes another appearance in the latest novel of the number one New York Times-bestselling series, Prey. No longer working for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Davenport is now a U.S. Marshal with the ability to choose his own cases and follow them wherever they lead. When a drug-cartel counting house is robbed, things turns deadly. Davenport takes the case, not knowing what dangers are in store for him.

  • The cover of the book Target Omega

    Target Omega

    A Thriller

    Michael Garin worked for the United States Department of Defense on a top-secret elite force designed to prevent weapons of mass destruction from falling into the wrong hands. After returning from a successful operation in Pakistan, the entire team was assassinated within forty-eight hours – and only Michael survived. Now, Garin finds himself on the run from both Iranian intelligence and his own government, as he is perceived to be an imminent threat. He must struggle to stay alive as he realizes he is the only one who can save the world from total obliteration.

  • The cover of the book Full Wolf Moon

    Full Wolf Moon

    A Novel

    The New York Times bestselling author of The Forgotten Room and Deep Storm is back with a new thriller that follows the trail of a killer who is not believed to exist. A hiker’s body has been found on Desolation Mountain, savagely mauled, with evidence of severe bite and claw marks. Investigator Jeremy Logan takes on the unusual murder case, and as he dives deeper into the horrific history of the woods, he makes an unsettling discovery: He’s up against something he has never seen before.

  • The cover of the book Exit Strategy

    Exit Strategy

    In this action-packed follow-up novel to the New York Times bestseller The Second Life of Nick Mason, Nick Mason has been given a true mission impossible: Infiltrate a top-secret federal witness-protection program, locate the men who put his boss Darius Cole behind bars for life, and kill them. Mason finds himself being hunted by a coldhearted assassin who once served, and then betrayed, Darius Cole. Mason must use all his strength and skills to outsmart his opponent, and become the lethal weapon he was trained to be.

  • The cover of the book The Dying Detective

    The Dying Detective

    A Mystery

    Johansson, a retired police officer, finds himself in the hospital after suffering a stroke. While recovering, he hears of an unsolved murder case involving a nine-year-old girl, and he can’t rest until he knows who is guilty of the crime. Throughout the desperate investigation, Johansson uncovers many truths, even ones that lie deep within himself.

  • The cover of the book Shadow Man

    Shadow Man

    A Novel

    The quiet, peaceful community of Rancho Santa Elena is turned upside-down when a serial killer lurks in the streets, slipping in through windows and screen doors at night. Detective Ben Wade stumbles upon a long-buried secret as he struggles to restore safety to his hometown and find this psychotic murderer. But, despite his efforts, he can’t seem to close the case.

  • The cover of the book The Templars' Last Secret

    The Templars' Last Secret

    A Bruno, Chief of Police novel

    A part of the Bruno, Chief of Police series, The Templars’ Last Secret revolves around the mysterious death of a young woman whose body was found at the bottom of a cliff – one that houses a historic Templar stronghold. Bruno discovers that the woman was an archaeologist searching for a religious artifact of incredible importance, which soon unravels dangerous, hidden secrets of the past.

  • The cover of the book The Fourth Monkey

    The Fourth Monkey

    The Fourth Monkey Killer is found dead after terrorizing the people of Chicago for more than five years. Detective Sam Porter, a lead investigator on the Fourth Monkey Killer task force, knows that even in his death, the killer is not done wreaking havoc on his victims. Porter stumbles upon a journal in the pocket of the killer’s jacket, and after reading it, finds himself stuck in the mind of a psychopath. He learns of one last missing girl, and fights to find her alive.