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Fearing the Fall: A Brief History of American Populism

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are only the latest poles on the populism spectrum, a movement that first took shape in America in the 1890s.


Why the Story of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose Matters Today

Kate Schatz, author of Rad Women Worldwide, on why the inspiring story of Sophie Scholl and The White Rose standing up to Adolf Hitler matters today.


Times Like These: How and Why Books and Politics Intersect

At a time when the national dialogue is consumed and divided by politics more than ever, books are rising to the forefront of the conversation.


5 Books on the Power of Protest: From Pussy Riot to the Arab Spring

The work of resistance is never a fixed, quantifiable event. Its impact ripples onward without end, as these books illustrate.


A True American: Searching for the Real Henry David Thoreau

Thoreau was much more than a benign nature lover. He was an abolitionist, a political activist, and a believer in the unseen forces that moved the universe.


Powered by Girl: 5 Books for Female Youth Activists

Lyn Mikel Brown shares the books and authors, from Gloria Steinem to Rebecca Solnit, that ignited and then shaped her passion for girl-fueled activism.