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This Spring, Read the Book First: Enter to Win Copies of 9 Adapted Books

We at Signature believe that you should always read the book first. This Spring, do just that and enter to win copies of 9 books getting adapted to film!


How to Adapt the Work of Sarah Waters (with Director Pairings)

Sarah Waters’s work, from The Paying Guests to Tipping the Velvet, is ripe for adaptation. Here’s how to do it – and who should be at the helm.


Mighty Mouse: Disney Nixes Malaysian ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Screenings

We're taking today's Daily Blunt from the canceled 'Beauty and the Beast' screenings in Malaysia all the way to SNL's 'Complicit.'


‘Beauty and the Beast’ v2.0: Check Your Skepticism at the Door

The news of a remake of Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ invited much skepticism – but the final product is full of welcome surprises.


Horrifying ‘IT’ Trailer Stuns SXSW Attendees

The first 'It' trailer for the new adaptation of the book by Stephen King is garnering a ton of chatter! This and more in today's Daily Blunt.


Emma Watson Conscripts ‘Book Fairies’ To Hide More Novels Around London

Emma Watson is pounding the pavement in the name of literature and women. Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate has found new life. This and more.