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What’s the Real Deal with ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbar’?

On the fortieth anniversary of the release of ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbar,’ our writer asks: Does this film investigate or perpetuate female objectification?


The Highs and Lows of the Adaptation of Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes

The ten-episode miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes mostly hits the mark – except for this one small thing.


The 12 Best Stephen King Adaptations, Ranked

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to pass judgment on what we deem the twelve best Stephen King adaptations, chosen from a canon chock-full of cinematic gold.


Hollywood’s Plane Crash Trope from The Mountain Between Us to Alive

Inspired by the release of ‘The Mountain Between Us,’ based on the book by Charles Martin, we’re reconsidering these other plane crash trope films.


Still Dreaming: A Guide to the Essential Philip K. Dick Books

The work of Philip K. Dick extends well beyond the world of Blade Runner. Here’s our guide to the essential Philip K. Dick books to put on your list.


NYC Subway Celebrates 25 Years of ‘Poetry in Motion’

The MTA's 'Poetry in Motion' program is an oft-underappreciated and long-running NYC gem. We're reflecting on this and more in today's Daily Blunt.