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The Golden Age of Agatha Christie Returns This Year

Agatha Christie, queen of the mystery novel, is making a huge comeback with Murder on the Orient Express coming to the big screen.


7 Detective Series Perfect for On-screen Adaptation

These detective series have found great success on the page, and it’s a mystery to us why they’ve not all found recent on-screen adaptations.


Fall Movies 2017: The 20 Adaptations We Can’t Wait For

As we head into one of our most favorite times of year, we're looking ahead to the movie and TV adaptations for which we're most excited.


Passport to the Future: 11 Education Quotes to Inspire Endless Learning

As the start of school is upon us, keep these education quotes in your back pocket to inspire both institutional learning - and life learning.


Paperback Thrills: 16 Best Thrillers of the Last 100 Years

We’ve looked through the thrillers of the last 100 years and have pulled these sixteen books as the essentials to start with.


8 Fresh Mystery Books for Agatha Christie Fans to Read Now

If you’re an Agatha Christie fan and you're on the hunt for something a bit more contemporary, these crime fiction novels will more than fit the bill.