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Where Do Your Spirits Come From? On the Integrity of Our Drinks

Thad Vogler discusses how the growing market for spirits has industrialized and standardized the way most booze is made - and he's looking to fix that.


10 of the Most Sobering Books on Alcoholism

These ten books on alcoholism -- including ones from Mary Karr and Augusten Burroughs -- can be alternately gut-wrenching, enlightening, and empathic.


How the Cocktail Got Its Name (and Fame) in A Proper Drink

Robert Simonson traveled the world to learn all about bartending culture, and these are some of things he learned along the way.


Signature Presents: The Ultimate Reader’s Guide to Whiskey

To celebrate National Bourbon Day, take a journey through the rich history of literature and libations in Signature's reader's guide to whiskey.


A Taste of Place: ‘How the Gringos Stole Tequila’ by Chantal Martineau

Cantal Martineau, author of How the Gringos Stole Tequila, sat down with Signature to talk tequila vs. mezcal, the subtleties of terroir, and Mexican history.


The Biography of a Cocktail: ‘The Negroni’ by Gary Regan

With The Negroni, Gary Regan, one of the world’s smartest drinksmen, gives us a stem-winding guide to the cocktail in all its variations.