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Take a Literary Tour of the U.S. with These 50 State-Set Books

It's time for a literary tour! This list of books represents some of the best books, both fiction and nonfiction, from each of the fifty states.


An After-Dark Visit to Grant’s Tomb, North America’s Largest Mausoleum

Discover what an exclusive after-dark tour through Grant's Memorial is really like, and learn about the history behind the largest tomb in North America.


Why I Write Graphic Nonfiction: Teaching History Through Comics

Jonathan Hennessey, author of Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History of an American Founding Father, discusses writing and reading graphic nonfiction.


The Real Story of Hidden World War II Heroine Claire Phillips

Peter Eisner's new book, MacArthur's Spies, offers an in-depth look at Claire Phillips, an American heroine and espionage agent in World War II.


Nancy Isenberg on White Trash and the Harmful Class System in America

Nancy Isenberg joins Amy Brinker to talk about her stunning book, White Trash: The 400-year Untold Story of Class in America.


Donald Trump, Destiny, and The American Miracle

Michael Medved argues that providence has played a powerful role in American history, and hopes it will continue to do so during Trump's term as President.