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Swindlers' List: 8 Great Films on the Art of the Con

We asked writer and investigative journalist Dean Jobb to give us the best swindlers in cinema. Here's what we learned.


Sam Raimi's Producerial Dreams Now Include Fixing 'The Grudge'

Today's roundup of movie news is filled with ghost houses and monster attacks! Also Danny Trejo finds new hobby, and Louis C.K. lives to eat his words.


American Favorite: 16 Facts About Amy Adams

On the heels of her fifth Oscar nomination, we're rounding up a few Amy Adams facts to better get to know the rising star.


Your Required 2014 Academy Awards Reading

Now that the nominations have been announced, here’s your reading list to be fully prepared for the 2014 Academy Awards.


And Your 2014 Oscar Nominees Are…

The 2014 Oscar nominations were announced this morning at 8:40am EST. Read on for the full list of 2014 nominees.


The Signature 2014 Golden Globes Recap

In our 2014 Golden Globes recap, we're highlighting the snark, the sass, the surprises, and more.