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Leslie Jones Shelves Those Concerns About Her ‘Ghostbusters’ Character

Also in your Daily Blunt: "New Jack City" turns 25, and Angela Bassett goes Lady Macbeth on an unsuspecting interviewer.


Bookish Broads: Our 10 Favorite Adaptation It Women

There's something elevating about a film when it's drawn from the pages of a book - and these ten adaptation actors seem to agree with us.


'White Bird in a Blizzard': No Phoenix Rising

Not even Shailene Woodley could bring ‘White Bird in a Blizzard’ up from the ashes of its off-putting reappearance.


The 11 Best Music Biopics of All Time (Says Us)

We’ve looked at the world of music biopics and have whittled the vast landscape down to the eleven best.


On Voodoo, Marie Laveau, and American Horror Story: A Q&A with Jewell Parker Rhodes

In 1993, Jewell Parker Rhodes published Voodoo Dreams, a novel about voodoo priestess Marie Laveau; twenty years later, Laveau has re-emerged as a character on 'American Horror Story: Coven.'


English Teacher Compiles Massive 'Hamlet' Movie Reference Supercut

Graduation time is coming up so we're also looking back at Romy and Michele and teenage years of actors via The JV Club. Also, new additions to American Horror Story.